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Sales specialization

Program Overview and Requirements

Program Overview

Organizations need to rethink their systems and processes and focus on using the signals they're capturing from customer interactions. By better understanding the customer's existing knowledge and future needs, they can adjust their campaigns accordingly. Adopting a connected sales and marketing approach allows for more continuity between—and fluidity across—the marketing and sales functions. Companies attain a deeper understanding of each customer, enabling them to act as knowledgeable, trusted advisors from the first connection point.

Customers are looking for partners with proven skills and experience in customer experience transformation. This specialization will help partners showcase that differentiation and make it easier for customers to find the partner expertise they need to support their growth.

Partners with the Sales specialization demonstrate verified knowledge, substantive experience, and documented success in Dynamics 365 Sales, and in innovating customer experience solutions.

After meeting the comprehensive requirements to earn a specialization, partners receive a customer-facing label that they can display on their business profile in Microsoft AppSource. They are prioritized in customer searches to drive new business and can generate a certified letter from Microsoft that verifies their specialization.


How long will my specialization stay active?

Your organization's Sales specialization will remain active for one year. After that, you can renew it, providing you meet the requirements.

How do I earn this specialization?

There is no application process for the Sales specialization. If you have a relevant Solutions Partner designation, you'll be notified in Partner Center that you've been awarded the specialization after meeting all requirements.

What are the requirements?

Partners must meet standards for service delivery and support. Requirements are verified by Microsoft and/or a third-party vendor and are subject to change.


Your organization must have an active Business Applications Solutions Partner designation.


Your company must have five new large deployments from the common data service workload. New large deployments are defined as the number of deployments that are >5,000 monthly consumption value (MCV) compared to 12 months prior.


Your company must have at least 30 percent MCV gross growth in the trailing 12 months in the common data service workload, starting from a baseline of 25,000 MCV 12 months prior.

More on the MCV by relevant workload can be found on the Solutions Partner for Business Applications page.

You must have Claiming Partner of Record Online Services Usage (CPOR OSU) or Digital Partner of Record (DPOR) associated with your Partner Center account to earn this specialization.


Individuals in your organization must earn the following certifications:


Minimum of three certifications in each exam.



Your organization must have at least one consulting offer published on Microsoft AppSource with Dynamics 365 Sales or Marketing as the tagged primary product.

Learn more about publishing consulting offers.