Data & AI Industry Partner Activation Kit

Last Modified 2021-08-09

This collection presents a set of Industry Kits containing key Azure Data & AI Use Cases. Each use case comes with critical resources and information designed to help Partners articulate Microsoft’s Data & AI Industry value proposition and accelerate Azure Data & AI Services growth through engagement with BDMs and TDMs.
What’s included?
• Industry DREAM Demos: Realistic clickable demos based on actual customer engagements that cover a range of industry scenarios in story form
• DREAM Demos in a Box: Packaged Industry Scenario DREAM Demos with ARM templates that can be deployed in a customer’s subscription using the CAPE tool in just a few hours
• Solution Accelerators: Best practices and other IP developed from the completion of real engagements with customers that are open sourced and made available via GitHub, and can be used to rapidly develop a POC or MVP with your customer
• Outcome Based Solutions: AI-led Use Cases that drive customer outcomes supported by a collection of campaign assets to land the "Innovate with AI” messaging
• Reference Architectures: Provide a reference on how to architect a solution to bring a use case to production