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Build your practice

Integrate new offerings and grow your business—all with the support of Microsoft.

You want to grow your business. We know how.

Partnering with Microsoft pays off.

Business development fundamentals

Leverage these cloud solution development guides to start, grow, or optimize a profitable practice.

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Define your solution

Differentiate yourself from the competition, and package your value proposition.

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Hire and train

Identify the skills and training needed to support your new business capability.

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Operationalize your business plan, and standardize customer engagement.

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Go to market

Add value to your solution to turn prospective customers into long-term partnerships.

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Optimize and grow

Nurture and learn from customer relationships, so you can expand into new markets.

Transform your business with help from Microsoft

Cloud solution development playbooks provide blueprints for integrating new offerings and expanding your business. Download one to get started, or check out specific solutions below.

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Artificial Intelligence

Develop the intelligent apps and bots that are transforming every industry.

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Data Platform Modernization

Create apps to help businesses use their data better.

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Application Modernization

Access resources to develop and maintain the intelligent apps customers want.

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Security and Compliance

Help businesses protect themselves against rapidly evolving cyber-threats.

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Create solutions to foster communication and collaboration.

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Modern Desktop

Upgrade your customers to Microsoft 365 to improve their productivity and security.

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Business Applications

Develop intelligent, tailored solutions to optimize customer processes.

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Cloud Infrastructure

Help your customers innovate and outpace their peers with secure, hybrid-cloud capabilities.

Business development resources

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Build a practice: Introduction

Mark Stuyt of Neural Impact kicks off the series.

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Changing buyer behavior

Take a closer look at how customer expectations have evolved.

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Buyer behavior webinar

Get a deep dive on the factors driving customer decision-making.


Importance of IP

Explore what makes intellectual property central to the partner business model.

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Developing IP webinar

Get details on the IP opportunity, going to market, and creating value.

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Partner assessment

Find out whether you’re ready to launch cloud solutions at scale.

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Cloud readiness webinar

How do you know if you’re making the right investment? Find out here.

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Partner business plans

Now that you’ve completed your assessment, it’s time to take action.

Blogs and additional resources

“3 Steps to Recruit, Train, and Hire Top Talent”

Know where to look for talent and when to train.

“Getting Started with Value-based Pricing”

Learn how to build a value-based pricing strategy.

“The Win-Win of Value-based Pricing Strategies”

Move beyond standard and fixed pricing.

Financial models to help you identify new opportunities

Leverage these financial models to maximize your profitability by adjusting key inputs and scenarios.

Don’t miss your opportunity

The potential payoff for digitally savvy businesses is massive. Whether you’re looking to sell cloud solutions, an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) creating Intellectual Property (IP), or looking to sell managed services these additional programs help you get started.

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