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Enabling partners to scale and grow through digital

Microsoft has recognised the business opportunity that digital marketing presents. In Asia Pacific, 47% of the entire population go online every single day, and your target audience of IT buyers and business decisions makers are very likely to fall into that group. The Marketing Masters Circle program has been developed to provide you with the tools and resources needed to create effective digital marketing activities that will increase the likelihood of securing sales from your target audience. Being part of this exclusive circle of partner marketers gives you access to discounted digital marketing bundles in partnership with carefully vetted agencies as well as learning resources to help you understand the impact of digital marketing to the growth of your business. Likewise, Microsoft is dedicated to work closely with you and mentor you in executing impactful digital marketing campaigns and we are working hand-in-hand with you to grow your business faster through digital.

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The first part of creating a digital campaign that delivers sales is knowing what your starting point is and identifying your strengths and weaknesses. The following resources will help you interpret your digital review, and pinpoint where you are strong, and what requires more work.

The following resources have also been compiled to help you reduce the learning curve of knowing what it to takes to deliver successful digital campaigns.


How to interpret the results from the digital review

Learning Modules: Demand Generation Essentials

Series of videos to help you ramp up on digital marketing


How to interpret the results from the digital review

Partner Marketing

Increase your win rate by understanding your customer needs.


An introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Marketing

Increase demand for your solutions by engaging with your customers with social media. Watch this video for tips on how to do it.

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| Vietnamese


An introduction to Pay Per Click

The New Buyer 2.0

Learn how businesses today have to recognize buyer behavior.

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Customer Advocacy

Happy customers are the best people to promote and recommend your products or services. Learn how to create a strong customer advocacy program and have repeatable success with it. This video will tell you how.

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| Vietnamese

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Put as much, if not more, consideration into the planning of a digital campaign and the chances of success will significantly increase.

The following training workshops and guides will show you how to get a head start on your digital campaigns, making use of some of the most effective, and quick to make an impact, activities that are available.

Marketing Plan Assessment

Take this online assessment to see how you should plan your demand generation activities and get key recommendations on the next actions to take.


Access partner ready marketing materials


Top 10 tips for building a digital plan


Tips on measuring success from your digital activity

Understand the Customer Journey

Plan your digital marketing journey based on the customer life cycle

Marketing Template

The digital plan template is designed to help you develop an effective communications program


So now you know the areas of strengths and focus for your digital approach from which you will have identified a plan of approach to target your audience, so now’s the time to kick off your sales campaign.

If you’re unable to change your own website because of speed or capability, consider utilising one of the freely available campaign microsites and make it quicker to go to market, and to get selling.

Discounted Digital Marketing Bundles

Check out our catalogue of services that you can avail of from our dedicated digital marketing agencies

Set a Consultation

Once you choose your preferred digital marketing bundle, setup a consultation with the digital marketing agency.

Partner Online Email Generation

Create your own customized Email marketing campaigns with your own exclusive customer offerings to drive effective demand generation campaigns to your customers.

Web Syndication

Add content to your website in as little as 5 minutes for free. Increase demand by educating your customers with new products, solutions and services offered by Microsoft

Marketing Toolkit

Access ready-to-go marketing campaign materials including eDMs, call scripts and battle cards to help equip you and your organization to selling Microsoft solutions more effectively

SMB Toolkit   
Corporate Toolkit