Development tools for your competitive edge

Whether you offer IP services or build applications, we offer two affordable annual subscriptions that provide software, technical support and training to turn your big idea into reality.

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Move your cloud business forward with Microsoft Action Pack

Action Pack offers software, support, and benefits for businesses that want to begin, build, and grow their Microsoft practice in a cloud-first, mobile-first world. Sell approximately two times more cloud volume than network members with a robust set of software that offers:

  • Dedicated support so you can confidently serve your customers’ needs
  • Marketing resources that provide ready-to-go campaigns and guidance
  • Comprehensive insights and business planning tools
  • Cloud-focused training

Take your app from idea to market with ISV Starter Kit

ISV Starter Kit provides the technical tools that development companies need to design, develop, and test new apps or migrate an existing app to the cloud, as well as resources to help take that app to market. Benefits include:

  • USD1,200 annual Azure bulk credits
  • 10 licenses of the following:
    • Office 365 E3, SQL Server 2017 Standard, Dynamics 365 Plan 1
  • 5 licenses of the following: 
    • Visual Studio Professional, Power BI Pro, Microsoft Intune
  • Technical training to help your team build its skills on Microsoft solutions
  • Access to technical services, including 1:1 app development consultations and on-demand Dev Chat
  • Go-to-market resources, like marketplace preparation guidelines and templates

How Action Pack and ISV Starter Kit compare

Wondering which program will best fit your business? Compare benefits.

Benefits Action Pack ISV Starter Kit
Annual price $395 USD475
Visual Studio Professional licenses ✔(3) ✔(5)
Azure credits USD100/month USD1,200/annually (single sum)
Dev Chat
One-on-one app development consultations
One-on-one marketplace consultation for developers
Annual price
Action Pack $395
ISV Starter Kit USD475
Visual Studio Professional licenses
Action Pack ✔(3)
ISV Starter Kit ✔(5)
Azure credits
Action Pack USD100/month
ISV Starter Kit USD1,200/annually (single sum)
Dev Chat
Action Pack
ISV Starter Kit
One-on-one app development consultations
Action Pack
ISV Starter Kit
One-on-one marketplace consultation for developers
Action Pack
ISV Starter Kit

Our partnership grows with you

As you successfully sell and deploy cloud solutions, showcase your expertise to customers with earned cloud competencies. You will also gain additional benefits, such as unlimited cloud technical support and incentives. Discover our performance-based competencies and how they meet key business needs.

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