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Created Date: 2017-09-06 |  Last Modified: 2022-11-03

Applies to: Qualified Partners

Updated the Jumpstart Program Documents for Tier 1, the Jumpstart Tier 1 Marketing Execution Guide and the Jumpstart Tier 1 Asset Supplement.

Update Summary - November 01, 2022

Jumpstart Tier 1 Program Simplify Proof of Execution (SPOE) effective today – November 1, 2022.

Update Summary - October 25, 2022

Updated the Jumpstart 2022: Tier 1 Asset Supplement for the Extended Jumpstart Program Year.

Update Summary - October 19, 2022

A new tab has been created on the resource center for the Jumpstart Program Year 2023. We will provide updates once Program Documents become available, which is expected to be in January 2023.

Update Summary - October 14, 2022

Jumpstart Tier 1 marketing guidance on Windows 10 devices has been updated, effective November 15th, 2022, to align with the upcoming Windows 10 End of License terms. Please see the newly added communication asset “Jumpstart 2022: Windows 10 End of License” below for additional guidance.

Update Summary - October 05, 2022

Updated the Jumpstart Tier 1 Marketing Execution Guide for the Extended Jumpstart Program Year.

Update Summary - October 04, 2022

The new launch date for the Jumpstart Tier 1 Program simplified claims submission process will be November 1, 2022.

Update Summary - September 23, 2022

Added a new link under “Jumpstart 2022 Tier 1 SPOE Program Changes” where you can find the SPOE partner training deck and recording for Jumpstart Tier 1 Program partners.

Update Summary - September 16, 2022

The Eligibility requirements have been updated, effective Program Year 2023. Please see the newly added communication asset that has been added which details the updated eligibility for PY23 for Jumpstart and MDA Program.

Update Summary - September 05, 2022

Updated the Jumpstart Program Documents for Tier 1, as well as the Jumpstart Tier 1 Marketing Execution Guide. New email update for Jumpstart Tier 1 partners, located on Jumpstart 2022: Email Comms page.

Update Summary – September 02, 2022

Added a new section titled “Jumpstart 2022 Tier 1 SPOE Program Changes” where you can find resources for the new SPOE (Simplified Proof of Execution) process, including the newly added “Jumpstart Tier 1 Partner Invitation for SPOE Training - 2nd Communication“ page.

Update Summary – August 19, 2022

Upcoming Jumpstart Tier 1 Program Proof of Execution Policy/Tool Changes effective October 1, 2022.

Update Summary – June 01, 2022

Updated the Jumpstart Program Documents for Tier 1 and Tier 2, as well as the Jumpstart Tier 1 Marketing Execution Guide.

Update Summary – April 8, 2022

Updated the JS 2022 Tier 1 Marketing Execution Guide and JS 2022 Tier 1 Asset summary.

Update Summary – January 04, 2022

Added a communications page Jumpstart 2022: Email Comms which will contain email updates for Jumpstart Tier 1 partners.

Update Summary – December 24, 2021

Updated the JS 2022 Tier 1 Marketing Execution Guide and JS 2022 Tier 1 Asset summary. New download page added with Jumpstart comms.

Update Summary – November 24, 2021

Updated the JS 2022 Tier 1 Marketing Execution Guide and JS 2022 Tier 1 Asset summary. Deleted the Jumpstart 2022: Tier 1 Marketing Requirements and Windows Brand Elements Guidance as it is now included in the Jumpstart 2022 Marketing Execution Guide.

Update Summary – September 17, 2021

In order to support preparation for the new Jumpstart 2022 Program Year, some changes have been made to the Ad check site. Please note that this is an interim measure until Ad Check 2022 is launched (expected early October 2021).

Update Summary – September 06, 2021

Adding additional marketing guidance and resources for reference.

Update Summary – August 16, 2021

Adding Training Information to provide links for Jumpstart 2022 Tier 1 Training Registration.

Update Summary – July 08, 2021

Added Partner Center Updates - FX Currency Rate updates.

Update Summary – June 30, 2021

Jumpstart 2022 Tier 1 Final Program Documents added to Resource Center tab “Jumpstart 2022”.

Update Summary – May 20, 2021

Additional Consumer WEP Screenshots Available on the Jumpstart 2021 Marketing and Assets Guidance Site.

Update Summary – March 22, 2021

Update to Jumpstart Resource Center in preparation for Program Year 2022 content.

Update Summary – February 10, 2021

Jumpstart Tier1 Incentives Partner Center Training – FY21 refresh

  • Updated – Transaction History and Payments Reporting
  • Updated – Export and Export Claims Data view
  • Updated – Planning Functionality/Plan Submissions – New Program Year
  • Updated – Support

Update Summary – February 2, 2021

Added links to provide easy access to Partner Center related content, notifications, and guides. Removed outdated content.

Update Summary October 19, 2020

Providing information regarding the list of Marketing activities in Partner Center and Adcheck that are Eligible for the Jumpstart 2020 Tier 1 Program year. Please review carefully as this relates to Precheck and POE submission processes and approvals.

Update Summary  September 30, 2020

Updated Jumpstart Tier 2 Program Letter for clarity and changes to the program. Please review.

Update Summary  September 28, 2020

Jumpstart 2021 Tier 1 Program Letter Updates. Changes were made to provide further clarity, based on questions following Program training. No changes to requirements, just clarifications.

  1. Earn and Spend Requirements 
    (a) Updated language to clarify how funds can be used within each region.
  2. Gaming Branded PC definition 
    (a) Added Gaming Branded PC definition to align with other Programs and provide clarity on what constitutes a gaming device.

Update Summary  August 14, 2020

  • Providing the JS 2021 Tier 1 Asset Transition for Partners review. Please also review the 2021 Programs Training for OEM/ODM Partners link for update on the Jumpstart Tier 1 training as well.
  • This communication provides critical information regarding a change to the POE submission process for Jumpstart Tier 1 Partners, specific to FX rate calculation when invoices are in local currencies. 

Update Summary  July 31, 2020

We have added new link to the 2021 Programs Training page for OEM/ODM Partners to the 2021 tab of the resource center.

Update Summary  June 15, 2020

Updates made to the Jumpstart 2021 tab—publication of the redline and final documents for the Jumpstart 2021 program.

Update Summary  March 26, 2020

These materials provide context to the proposed changes for OEM Program Year 2021 effective October 1, 2020.

Update Summary – March 6, 2020

This update is to provide Preview Documents for proposed changes to the Jumpstart 2021 Program.

The goal of Jumpstart is to promote unique and differentiated experiences, through both impactful OEM co-marketing Activities that highlight the value proposition of modern OEM Windows Devices, and consistent brand recognition withconsideration for the latest Windows features and operating systems. Microsoft would like to partner with OEMs to build marketing executions that have greater impact at each stage of the marketing funnel. With this objective in mind, below is a summary of the proposed changes:

  • Knowing that determining which OS is the first step in the Consumer customer journey, it is important to land Windows Preference in top of the funnel Awareness executions. Increased investment in video, now 20%, as we believe this is the best format to tell the Windows story and pull the customer through the rest of the marketing funnel.
  • Executions at Consideration layer of the funnel are to focus on Windows + OEM by highlighting Windows features on OEM devices. For Commercial executions specifically, this is best achieved by focusing primarily on Secure Modern Devices campaign and other big-bet initiatives.
  • At Conversion, it’s all about OEM Preference, focusing creative on Windows OEM devices with increased ability to differentiate.
  • Aligned percentages of spend across DM & EM to strive for further Program simplification.
  • WEP Messaging update:
    • Based on partner feedback, removed WEP Messaging requirement from associated landing pages. Instead, will be required on the creative itself.
    • In contrast to how this was required in the past, WEP Messaging does not need to be used verbatim. Intent is to allow flexibility to weave the messaging into the focus in the creative. Must be clear which feature is being promoted.
    • While the overall requirement is to include WEP messaging on the creative, in cases where it’s difficult to meet in the creative (e.g. web banners where real estate is tight), option to move to associated landing page is still allowed.
  • WEP Screenshot update:
    • In contrast to how this was treated in the past, WEP screenshot will be required only when a display is shown.
  • Requirements for POE/POS, inclusive of Metrics, clearly defined by Activity in the MEG.
  • Removed list of Optional Non-Advertising Activities from the MEG. Spend requirements on the Instant Rebate were removed as of July 2019. By partner request, kept the list of Non-Advertising Activities in the 2020 MEG as optional. However, doing so led to an increased amount of questions and confusion. To avoid this in the future, we are removing from the MEG and will maintain an offline copy that may be requested through the alias.

Update Summary – September 19, 2019

This update includes the announcement regarding the claim availability in Partner Center.

Update Summary – September 10, 2019

Partner Center Guide and FY20 Jumpstart Tier 2 Marketing Execution Guide links now available.

Update Summary – September 5, 2019

We have added a link to the Partner Center Migration Resources page.

Update Summary – August 21, 2019

This update includes notification about changes to the JS2020 Foundational Web and Print Line List Commercial upsell tagline.

Update Summary  August 16, 2019

This update is to include the Tier 2 Resources, which includes the Tier 2 Program Letter and FY20 CHIP Platform Guide.

Update Summary  July 23, 2019

This update is to include the Tier 2 Resources, which includes the Tier 2 Program Letter.

Update Summary  June 19, 2019

2020 Programs Training for OEM/ODM Partners now available. 

Update Summary  May 31, 2019

Providing Final Program documents for Jumpstart 2020. These include both Clean and Redline versions of Program Letter and Marketing Execution Guide, this is to support understanding of the program changes for Program Year 2020.  If there are any questions please contact jmpinfo@microsoft.com

Update Summary  April 11, 2019

This is a redline of planned changes to terms for 2019 program year extension, referred to as “Q5”. This redline is intended to support understanding of the changes that were communicated on April 2nd, regarding Jumpstart 2019 extension “Q5”, effective July 1, 2019 – September 30, 2019. If any questions, please contact jmpinfo@microsoft.com.

Update Summary – March 5, 2019

This is a preview of Jumpstart Year 2020 Program agreement. Please review and discuss with your account manager. Please have account manager submit any feedback by March 29th 2019. Final agreement will be posted to DPC in May.

Jumpstart 2019 Key Changes Summary – Updated November 14, 2018

New versions of the Jumpstart 2019 Asset Supplement and the Jumpstart Marketing Execution guide have been published on Device Partner Center.

October 2018 updates to MEG: 


  • A Windows logo must be used in all cases, whether or not an OEM logo is shown. Windows icons are removed from being required whenever an OEM logo is not shown. (MEG pages 13 and 20) 


  • Device in ad is required (MEG page 13) 
  • Activities submitted claiming Windows Mixed Reality device type must use the Mixed Reality WEP assets and messaging. (MEG page 14) 


  • Device in ad - not required, but Windows 10 must be most prominently promoted, and Windows modern form factor must be mentioned (model not required to be mentioned). (MEG page 20) 
  • Activities submitted claiming Workstations device type must use the Workstations WEP assets and messaging. (MEG page 21)

Asset Supplement Update Summary:

  • 10/11/18: Addition of a new screen to the Consumer WEPs Office 365 on Windows 10 and Digital Pen in place of a previous screen.
  • 8/31/18: addition of customization guidelines for Consumer WEP screens on pages 99-101
  • 8/27/18: Addition of Commercial WEP: Windows 10: Make the Shift
  • 8/22/18: Addition of a third shorter option for New Tech New Expectations Messaging-
  • Narrative Option 3 (Short Copy): Speed, security, durability and great design—you can have it all.
  • 7/26: Addition of retail syndication digital placemats. Please find corresponding assets in the Consumer folder.

Additional clarifications around accessing the Jumpstart Program 2019 marketing and brand assets on the Jumpstart Asset SharePoint have been provided on the Jumpstart 2019 Marketing Resources.


Jumpstart 2019 Key Changes Summary - Updated October 18, 2018

New download available in 2019 Marketing resources - Jumpstart 2019 Tier 2 Letter of Certification

Jumpstart 2019 Key Changes Summary - Updated October 11, 2018

New download available in 2019 Marketing resources - Jumpstart 2019 Tier 2 Certification Statement and Report OEM (CSR).

Jumpstart 2019 Key Changes Summary - Updated on September 18, 2018 

New download available in 2019 Marketing Resources:

Jumpstart 2019 Key Changes Summary - Updated on August 24, 2018
The downloadable Jumpstart 2019 Approved Gaming Brand Submission Template is available in the 2019 Marketing Resources section of this page. 

Jumpstart 2019 Key Changes Summary - Updated on August 14, 2018
Jumpstart 2019 assets are available on the Jumpstart Assets Sharepoint on a temporary basis while assets are compiled and uploaded to Device Partner Center.
If you signed up for Brand Assets access before July 1, 2018, you have access to the Jumpstart Assets Sharepoint. Users signed up after July 1 should send an email to reviewjs@microsoft.com requesting access to the Sharepoint. User access will be validated each Monday and users will receive an email from the Sharepoint with a link for access, and a separate email with instructions for accepting the sharing invitation.

2018 screenshots are allowed for use through October 31, 2018. 2019 Messaging must be used starting August 1, 2018 in accordance with program guidelines. 

The Jumpstart 2019 Asset Supplement is also now available on this resource center, it has not been updated since its original publish date in July 2018. 

The Jumpstart 2019 Marketing Execution guide for Tier 1 partners (50K – 80K and 500K+) has also been updated in the 2019 Marketing Resources section of this page.

Jumpstart 2019 Key Changes Summary – Updated on July 26, 2018

Opt-in/Click to Accept Jumpstart Program Tier 1 and Tier 2 terms have been added to the Jumpstart 2019 Program Resources. Full instructions have been provided for each program tier below.

Jumpstart 2019 Key Changes Summary – Updated on June 5, 2019

The Jumpstart 2019 Tier 1 Program Letter has been updated on June 5, 2019 to reflect the following key changes:

  • (Section 1) Definitions – Gaming PC Update
    • Based on partner feedback, “Gaming PC” definition updated under “PC Form Factor(s)” to reflect removal of the requirement to include a game bundled to qualify as a JS Qualified Modern Form Factor; introduced the “Approved Gaming Brand” definition.
  • (Section 5) Activities – EM Update
    • Based on partner feedback, Emerging Markets (EM) and PRC, excluding Hong Kong and Macau Regions, will receive 100% reimbursement for completed Core Requirements.
  • (Section 2) Eligibility
    • For clarity, sentence added which specifies the eligible Product to count toward annual product volume

The Jumpstart 2019 Tier 1 Marketing Execution Guide has been updated to reflect the following changes:

  • Updated gaming definition
  • Removed additional requirement on social media activities to have each frame of a submission reviewed separately and meet WEP requirements separately.
  • Removed inclusion of Windows Messaging in 80%. WEP messaging required.
  • Added to 80% for EM/China: EM/China: 100% of Advertising Activity spend will apply to the minimum POE/POS due when the Jumpstart Core Requirements are met.
  • Revised WEPs – added Cortana to Consumer
  • Changed “Templated Assets” activity name to “retail syndication” for clarity and help around confusion.
  • Added 5-day SLA for gaming screenshot requirements, as required by Windows gaming studios.
  • Updated Custom Screenshot approvals process
  • Updated brand guidelines
  • Moved non-advertising activities to end