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Remote learning solutions

Resources and guidance to support education customers in communities impacted by COVID-19.

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Get updates from Microsoft Education

Check our blog regularly to learn more about how we're mobilizing to help you better support your customers.

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Make the case for Microsoft

Use this sales deck to advise and reassure prospective customers that they're making the smart choice for teachers, students, and the community.

Remote learning resources

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Microsoft Teams demo

Use this script to guide customers through a comprehensive demo of the features and functionality of Teams.

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Overview for admins

If you administer Teams for your organization, check out this overview to learn the basics and find links to more useful details.

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Customer email

Use this Microsoft-approved language to ensure consistent communication of our commitment to supporting impacted customers.

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Empowering everyone

See how Teams can help your customers empower learners of all abilities with this useful infographic.

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Accessibility with Teams

Take advantage of this slide deck that covers the ethical and business factors of enhancing accessibility with Teams.

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Support play card

Review guidance for field sellers, including a step-by-step checklist for supporting education customers.

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Your campaign is ready

Sign up to gain access to a ready-to-use remote learning campaign designed to help you sell new solutions to your customers.

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Educator Center

Review this guide to professional development resources to help new remote learning programs get up and running successfully.

Top remote learning offers

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Office 365 A1

Provide your customers with a completely free online version of Office, including a customized Teams hub for classwork.

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Minecraft: Education Edition

To help teachers and students stay connected to the classroom, this popular game is now available for eligible educators and learners through June 2020. Get all the details here.

Explore Microsoft remote learning partner offers

Explore and engage with Microsoft partners who help educators make the most of remote learning with apps and content integrated with Office 365.

How Microsoft outpaces and outvalues the competition

Microsoft vs. Google

Show customers how Microsoft Education solutions are more affordable, manageable, productive, and secure.

Microsoft vs. Zoom

Review a head-to-head comparison and see why Teams is better positioned to help educators overcome obstacles to effective remote learning.

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Making the transition to remote learning: Resources for educators

Invite your customers to explore these training materials, how-to guides, and other resources designed to help administrators, IT professionals, teachers, and students as they make this transition.

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We’re here to support you with onboarding and deployment

Get support now with FastTrack

FastTrack for Microsoft 365 is available to assist organizations setting up remote work and learning in response to COVID-19.

Have questions or need help

If you need support, you have options at every step. Get answers to your questions or chat with a support agent.

Remote learning case studies

University of New South Wales college logo

University of New South Wales

See how this university is using Teams, AI, and other tools to create and sustain a flourishing learning community.

Michigan State University college logo

Michigan State University

Learn how Teams and Office 365 helped the staff manage an emergency datacenter migration after an unexpected weather event.

Davidson Academy college logo

Davidson Academy

Learn how this school uses Microsoft solutions to expand the boundaries of the classroom for both teachers and students.