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Get recognized for your work

Discover the benefits of association. Learn more about the different partner association mechanisms.

Whether you’re driving use of Microsoft 365, selling Dynamics 365, or helping customers build or manage a service or a solution built on Azure, you may qualify for incentives, competencies, advanced specializations, or Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP) designations. Understand the different options available to you as you design, build, deploy, or manage cloud services.

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Transactional Partner of Record (TPOR)

If you’re a registered licensing solution provider who has sold a cloud subscription and you were associated with the customer’s cloud subscription at the time of the transaction, you may qualify as the TPOR. This mechanism credits you for the sale and may entitle you to valuable incentives.

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Claiming Partner of Record (CPOR)

With CPOR, you can associate yourself with your customer at the subscription or workload level. It can help you get recognized for the engagement and impact that you drive and may help you attain the Cloud Business Applications, Cloud Productivity, Security, and Enterprise Mobility Management competencies. Discover the many incentives offered and submit a claim through Partner Center.

Partner Admin Link (PAL)

Partner Admin Link (PAL) is key for partner recognition, letting partners associate their PartnerID with the credentials used for Azure services delivery. It’s built directly into Azure, using platform telemetry to measure a partner’s influence on Azure consumption with automatic, precise tracking and easy-to-use functionality. We’ve recently added PAL as a measure to the Security competency.

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Digital Partner of Record (DPOR)

Partners who help customers design, build, deploy, or manage a solution on Azure may qualify for DPOR. This can help you attain cloud competencies and may entitle you to incentives. You get a single view of customer revenue, usage, and consumption, and the data can be used for cross-sell/upsell opportunities and proactive engagement with customers at risk of non-renewal. Review incentives Microsoft offers to DPORs and enroll by signing into Partner Center.

To create associations with your customers, view your incentive earnings, or find out if you qualify for a competency, advanced specialization, or Expert MSP program, please sign in to Partner Center.

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