MAIW: Modernize .NET Apps

Last Modified 2022-11-30

The Modernize .NET Apps Immersion Workshop provides an overview of Azure App Service, a fully managed application services platform. This workshop was built to help customers evaluate their applications, prepare them for migration and host them on Azure App Services (managed services in Azure that were purpose-built for .NET). It includes L100 presentation, whiteboard design session materials and hands-on lab. We will focus on best practices, design patterns and common obstacles to avoid, and mapping out your migration/modernization strategy.

Customers will learn:​

  • how to evaluate and prioritize .NET applications for modernization
  • how Microsoft technologies can help increase .NET application resiliency and allow them to scale easily
  • how to modernize existing applications with minimal interruptions

This workshop includes demonstrations and examples of best practices, followed by hands-on guided lab experience. Participants will dive deep into migration and modernization scenarios and tools (available from Microsoft and Partners) to help them on their journey to cloud.