Take the ExpressRoute

Take the ExpressRoute

Digital Transformation is happening here and now.

ANZ Businesses are already adopting cloud platforms to truly optimise performance.

This comes with the need for trusted connectivity as this is pivotal for any enterprises hybrid deployment strategy.

Microsoft has recently invested in the New Zealand business community and is pleased to be the first global cloud provider to deliver a local POP into Auckland with ExpressRoute.

This means New Zealand customers can connect directly to Australian Datacentres right here in Auckland.

What is ExpressRoute?

Microsoft ExpressRoute is the next generation in connectivity. It gives customers their own private connection to Azure, providing better control for doing business in the cloud. Plus, Microsoft is the first cloud provider to deliver a local cloud POP allowing for greater connectivity and reliability. Learn more by viewing our Microsoft ExpressRoute video.

What are the benefits?

Microsoft ExpressRoute gives you a direct path to Azure bypassing long provisioning times, congestion and security issues. The integration of Microsoft ExpressRoute is your onramp to greater choice, scalability and lower costs. It’s time to optimise your digital transformation journey.

Nurse assisting man in cast

Customer Story : ExpressRoute is already meeting the needs of HealthCare NZ

How do I get onto ExpressRoute?

Learn more about how you can leverage Microsoft ExpressRoute in your business by connecting with one of our participating partners below.

Devoli Logo

About Devoli

Using the latest in software defined networking with Microsoft ExpressRoute, Devoli delivers a dynamically scalable, best of breed Microsoft Azure experience.

Kordia logo

About Kordia

Connectivity is in Kordia’s DNA. Their ‘best connected’ strategy is focused on one thing: providing New Zealand businesses with the best connectivity options in the market.


About Megaport

Megaport is the global leading provider of Elastic Interconnection services. Megaport connects over 1,900 customers in more than 600 enabled data centres globally.

Spark Logo

About Spark

Connect your business to Microsoft Azure using Cloud Connect with Azure ExpressRoute. Spark’s Cloud Connect service gives you predictable performance, speed, security and reliability.

vocus logo

About Vocus

Connect directly to Microsoft’s global network with New Zealand’s only ExpressRoute Point-of-Presence hosted by Vocus in their Auckland datacenter.