Digitally Transform Your Business

Digitally Transform Your Business With Cloud-Connected Products

The missing link—why AI and Big Data need IoT to take organisations to the next level

IoT has the power to change the way we work like never before. From automating tasks to allowing machines to learn behaviour and carry out actions based on recorded data, we have all the technology capabilities required – all that’s missing is you and your business. Implementing IoT into the day-to-day processes and functions of an organisation could mean the difference between sticking to the status quo and only maintaining sluggish growth, to achieving exponential gains and expansion – its potential is that great. The future starts here, and if you want your business to not only remain competitive in your industry but take the lead by innovating and transforming the way you work, IoT is the way forward.

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Create your own connected products

Education is the first step to adopting this technology, to understand the fundamentals of what IoT looks like. And from here will come clarity around its purpose, and just how agile and adaptable it can be. Get started with a practical, step-by-step approach for partners on their digital transformation journey with selected assets and training resources to make it easier to start learning today.

IoT Connected Products

Connected Products Whitepaper

Navigate the path to new IoT business opportunities through connected products.

IoT School

IoT School

Get up to speed with free online courses from our IoT School. Learn about Azure IoT solutions, platform services and industry-leading edge technologies.

The new approach to modern applications

Three key elements that future ready solutions have in common – things, analytics, insights – and where Microsoft technologies fit into each.



At the heart of IoT solutions are the things you want to connect
—which can range from simple sensors to advanced edge computing devices. Discover options for provisioning, securing, and managing this ecosystem at scale.

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What you ultimately do with data, whether presenting it through a visualisation tool, alerting a human to do something, connecting to a business process, or sending a message back to the device.



Make informed business decisions based on the analysis of the data you have captured.

Artificial Intelligence can help you automate processes and constantly optimise operations.

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New Zealand news and updates

IoT impact on New Zealand businesses

IoT is here, so what happens next?

Who, what, when, where and how—here’s the all-you-need-to-know introduction to IoT, and its impact on New Zealand businesses.

Leading the way with IoT

Leading the way with IoT in New Zealand

Kiwi ingenuity has organisations leveraging the capabilities of IoT in unique ways, allowing them to transform the way they work.

Monetising IoT

The possibilities of monetising IoT

There are some very real ways IoT can help a business grow their bottom line, from increased productivity to new revenue streams.

The impact of AI on NZ businesses

The impact of AI on New Zealand businesses

The impact of AI on kiwi businesses—and how to ensure you don’t get left behind.

Get IoT Future Ready now!

Get started in IoT simply as a user of a library or IoT service then go deeper increasing your skills. It’s not all or nothing before you start creating value. Learn at your own pace with free online courses and start infusing IoT into your solutions and services now.

Digital Transformation with Azure IoT

Digital Transformation with Azure IoT

Dive into Azure IoT platform concepts and capabilities.

Azure IoT Central an IoT SaaS solution

Azure IoT Central an IoT SaaS solution

Take a tour on Azure IoT Central and explore user scenarios that are based on the typical personas who interact with the application.

Introduction to Machine Learning

Azure IoT Developer Boot Camp

Get hands-on experience with Azure IoT. In these labs, you will use Azure services to build IoT end-to-end solutions, connecting real and simulated devices to Azure IoT Hub.

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"It’s well understood that IoT solutions can create operational efficiencies, but we know the true impact extends well beyond that into our daily lives. Our partners are delivering electricity to schools in Africa, creating better patient outcomes with predictive care, improving worker safety on job sites and driver safety on Alaskan roadways.”

– Satya Nadella

Redefining success based on innovative IoT solutions

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric

Schneider and Microsoft collaborate to create more digital opportunities.



Rolls Royce and Microsoft collaborate to create more digital opportunities.



Kotahi and Microsoft collaborate to create more digital opportunities.