Era of AI

Last Modified 2024-01-02

AI is transforming nearly every industry, and it’s changing how your customers create value and go to market. Microsoft is working relentlessly to build responsible, innovative solutions and frameworks that you can use to drive demand and help customers make the most of this exciting technology.

With the Era of AI campaign, you can introduce your customers to the ways Microsoft integrates AI to help organizations become more productive, develop creative solutions, and drive exceptional value. As a partner, you’ll find the right information and guidance to become AI-savvy. In turn, you’ll be able to inspire customers to approach the technology responsibly and take advantage of the capabilities available to them.

Each resource in this campaign has been developed to help our partners and customers future-proof their businesses to stay ahead of the competition. Take our six-week knowledge journey and deepen your understanding of the impact, responsibilities, and benefits of leveraging AI with Microsoft.

Get ready and harness this unique opportunity to take part in the era of AI!