MSIW: Into the Breach

Last Modified 2023-04-18

Our Microsoft Security Immersion Workshop: Into the Breach is a gamified learning experience that tests your cybersecurity skills. You are being requested to assist with the incident response investigation of a ransomware attack on the Health Network. Dive into the simulation and apply your in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Defender for Office 365 and Microsoft Sentinel to stop the hack.​

Through this workshop you will learn and experience how the Microsoft Threat Protection solution enables you to:​

  • Use integrated, automated, extended detection and response (XDR) to increase efficiency and effectiveness with Microsoft Defender to keep you secure against threats to identity, endpoints, data, apps and infrastructure.​
  • Get insights across the entire organization, end to end, with our cloud-native SIEM Microsoft Sentinel.​
  • Utilize security automation to detect, investigate and respond to threats using automated investigations and self-healing capabilities to help your security operations team address threats more efficiently and effectively.​
  • Use the advanced hunting features to explore raw data across all security pillars, allowing you to locate threat indicators and entities.​
  • View alerts and remediate across your Microsoft 365 environment in a single dashboard.