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Solution Assessments

Unlock opportunities and support your customers' journey to the cloud.

Changes to the FY24 Solution Assessment Program

Solution Assessments will be continuing to support customers in FY24 through Microsoft Desk Led Assessments across all Solution Areas. For more information please explore our available portfolio of Assessments from Microsoft field managed to Self-Service Cybersecurity.

Microsoft Solution Assessments are a set of industry standard best practices that incorporate proven strategies for managing and optimizing an organization's IT assets.

With customers continually looking to streamline operations, increase productivity, and control costs, there are more ways than ever to identify new workloads and services that will support their strategic objectives and grow your business.

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1. Assess and discover

Gather accurate data from your customer’s IT environment, including real-time details and identification of cloud transition blockers.

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2. Plan and decide

Determine what changes are top priority for your customer by understanding how cloud-based scalability can increase agility and identify opportunities for improving their business processes.

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3. Migrate

Develop a roadmap for your customers' cloud journey with a cost analysis of migration to the cloud. Prioritize end users’ tools and business apps for transition to the cloud.

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4. Optimize

Help your customers measure progress by establishing a utilization baseline to track and achieve milestones, using custom migration plans.