AIW: Data Modernization

Last Modified 2022-06-16

Below is a collection of partner resources for delivering Azure Immersion Workshops: Data Modernization. AIW: Data Modernization is a 1-day hands-on workshop for TDMs, DBAs & other Data roles that focuses on the value and process of migrating apps & databases to Azure. The workshops are partner-delivered, focus on customers who have moved infra but no apps or data to Azure, and ultimately drive data migration pipeline growth & acceleration. AIW: Data Modernization is also part of a Portfolio of New Workshops - Microsoft's Data, AI & App Innovation teams are launching a family of new customer workshops that build on the proven success of the Dashboard AIW model. AIW: Data Modernization joins AIW: Analytics, AI, Cloud Native Apps and .NET App Modernization workshops to provide you, our top data migration partners, with a series of options to work with Microsoft field teams to engage customers in a repeatable & scalable way – and drive pipe & Azure revenue growth as a result.