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CyberMDX case study

CyberMDX sees traffic to Azure Marketplace listing page surge by 116 percent with help from Microsoft Marketplace Rewards

Looking to expand market access to healthcare security

Microsoft partner CyberMDX wanted to broaden the marketing reach of its IoT security technology and amplify its brand voice for its target market.

Seizing opportunity with Microsoft Marketplace Rewards

Microsoft Marketplace Rewards gave CyberMDX valuable assistance and helped the company prioritize its marketing benefits.

A string of successes, including a spike in listing page visits

Since activating its Marketplace Rewards benefits in January, CyberMDX has experienced numerous wins, including growing its listing page visit count by 116 percent and unique visitors by 103 percent.

A Microsoft partner protecting healthcare infrastructure

CyberMDX, headquartered in New York City, has been a Microsoft partner since 2019 and is a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA). CyberMDX helps healthcare delivery organizations worldwide provide quality care by securing and protecting the systems and devices they rely on to treat illnesses and save lives.

CyberMDX uses a hybrid architecture, incorporating a deep stack of Microsoft technologies to provide comprehensive IT and medical device security. On-premises sensors acquire network traffic and perform deep packet inspection and API-based data aggregation, converting network packets into metadata and events, which are then reported to the core software. The core software integrates with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, which protects managed network devices, such as servers and workstations, from advanced cyber threats. For scale and manageability, the application runs over multiple Azure instances, using Azure compute and storage, Azure Active Directory Domain Services, Azure Key Vault, Azure Application Gateway, and other services.

Promotion pays off, drawing more page visits and interest

CyberMDX dove into its Marketplace Rewards benefits at the start of 2021, working with an engagement manager to strategize its marketing efforts. These included activities such as social promotions, a press release, a solution spotlight to Microsoft’s sales team, a listing page optimization, and a seller webinar.

In April, after publishing a blog and a press release about its MISA participation, CyberMDX observed increasing traffic for its Azure Marketplace listing page, with a 116 percent spike in traffic and a 103 percent increase in unique visitors. CyberMDX’s webinar for Microsoft field sellers in May, “Working Together: Protecting All Healthcare Connected Devices,” attracted 101 registrants, 20 live viewers, and 18 on-demand viewers. 

“Microsoft Marketplace Rewards has allowed us to gain significant visibility within the Microsoft ecosystem,” said Joe Scotto, Chief Marketing Officer, CyberMDX. “Since January, when we activated our benefits, Microsoft representatives have been increasingly reaching out to support us on deals and learn more about our offering. It’s strengthened our partnership, and the results exceeded our expectations!”

Interest remained high in late June, when CyberMDX held its virtual Summer Kickoff Event with Sally Frank, Worldwide Lead – Health and Life Science at Microsoft for Startups, on the panel. For this event, more than 50 C-level participants from 46 different hospitals registered, with five meetings booked the day after the event.

“Microsoft Marketplace Rewards is helping us boost our brand awareness and share of voice in healthcare security. As a result of the press release, blog, and social assets, page visits to our marketplace listing are up 116 percent in the last six months!”

—Joe Scotto, Chief Marketing Officer, CyberMDX

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