Why Cloud for Nonprofits Play-in-a-Box

Last Modified 2019-04-04

When talking to nonprofits about the cloud, you probably hear enthusiasm—as well as skepticism. Have you felt at a loss of how to convert these leads into fans who not only understand the power of the cloud but believe in how it can transform their organization?

We’ve developed a Partner Playbook and customizable assets to allow you to demonstrate how the cloud will empower your nonprofit customers to drive greater impact in the communities and causes they most care about. In this Play-in-a-Box you’ll find:

• Resources to address existing and new customers’ most-cited barriers to transitioning to the cloud.
• Ways to address common concerns with confidence.
• Templates and ready-made content to help you develop customer appeals, pitches, and presentations.

By focusing your conversations on the needs and challenges unique to nonprofits, you’ll access a whole new market of clients who are relatively new to digital transformation—and ready to put its transformative potential into action.