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Revolutionizing large-scale operations with insights platform

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Predictive analytics offer retailers buyer-behavior insights at scale

When a Midwest retailer approached Brillio about creating a data-driven solution for better inventory decisions, Brillio came back with an ambitious proposal: apply machine learning to identify buying patterns and other behaviors that impact purchase. Brillio’s solution deployed multiple Microsoft technologies including Azure Machine Learning, HDInsight, and Power BI to interpret the purchasing decisions of thousands of consumers. This allowed Brillio’s client to leverage highly accurate and previously unattainable insights, helping optimize its operations.

“Cortana Intelligence, Azure, HDInsight, and Power BI are allowing us to have not only the best that the technological environment can bring to our clients, but also all of the consistency and integration needed for putting that environment together.”

— Joshua Lee, Director of Global Alliances, Brillio

Partnering with Microsoft is a triple-win

Brillio has embraced managed services as part of its business model, and Microsoft products and programs enable rapid customer transformation. “Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider licensing model helps us offer managed services because the client doesn't have to be directly concerned about the underlying Azure subscription calls or Office 365 subscription calls,” says Joshua Lee.

Leveraging the latest Microsoft training also helps Brillio stay on top of changing technology. This, in turn, helps Brillio help its customers by developing cutting-edge solutions that drive business results. To date, Brillio has trained over 900 of its people on Microsoft Azure and analytics technologies, and plans to train another thousand people in the coming year. Brillio believes that the support it receives from Microsoft enables it to deliver value to its customers faster. “Having the Microsoft team supporting us and advising us on how to bring the best to our clients, makes us much more successful than if we were working alone,” says Raj Mamodia. “It's a winning situation in three ways: win for the client, win for Microsoft, and win for Brillio.”

About Brillio

Brillio, a global digital consulting and technology services company, is focused on implementing digital technologies for the world’s leading companies. Brillio uses proprietary methodologies to help customers re-imagine their businesses and competitive advantages and then rapidly develop and deploy disruptive industrial-grade digital solutions using UX design, digital applications, big data analytics, cloud, security, and digital engineering.

Brillio has invested in several proprietary tools that speed up implementation of digital for its customers, and maintains its edge in innovation by investing in advanced technologies, like machine learning and deep learning/Artificial Intelligence. The 2,600-strong Brillio team is based in ten offices across three continents and considers world-class customer satisfaction as its true north.


“You really want to have a great dialogue with the customer around their problems and what they're dealing with. That's what I do and that's what I coach my teams on. That's where we got it right.”

— Raj Mamodia, CEO, Brillio

Brillio creates more customized solutions through industry focus

Understanding industry nuances from the perspective of customer line-of-business owners enables Brillio to build powerful solutions. Brillio’s success is due in part to its focus on developing repeatable vertical-specific solutions for retail, CPG, high-tech, manufacturing, and financial services. Its tailored point solutions address industry-specific use cases, like marketing optimization and sentiment analysis. This focus allows Brillio to deliver a deeper level of customization in its solutions, which, in turn, enables Brillio’s clients to create better experiences for their own customers. 

Fast deployment means faster time to market and improved ROI for Brillio’s clients, who benefit from responding to their own customers quickly. “They don't have five years to respond to changes,” says Raj Mamodia, CEO of Brillio, referring the desire of Brillio’s clients to respond to their own customers’ needs.

Brillio’s monumental growth since its inception three years ago would not be possible without its focus on repeatable vertical solutions. The ability to customize and refine existing offerings is central to the profitability of a managed-services business model, increasing incremental revenue over time.

Looking ahead: IoT heralds a new level of sophistication for analytics solutions

From manufacturing to utilities, Brillio is investing heavily in IoT, and partnering with Microsoft to deliver cutting-edge analytics solutions and to create new growth opportunities. This investment helps Brillio’s clients leverage streaming data to optimize operations. For instance, in manufacturing they have found that the recent trend of connected heavy equipment allows for data collection, monitoring, and predictive solutions around maintenance, which reduces downtime and saves money.

Brillio draws inspiration from this fast-moving, disruptive environment, and its innovative, industry-focused culture helps its data scientists stay on top of what’s next. With Microsoft making multiple advances in artificial intelligence and virtual reality, there is no shortage of exciting growth opportunities. According to CEO Raj Mamodia, "It's a marriage made in heaven that Brillio is so much aligned with where Microsoft wants to go." 

"We believe there's a significant amount of growth available, given the impact these technologies have on our customers’ businesses, and we are right there to take advantage of it.” Regarding its partnership, Mamodia declares that “Microsoft is empowering the world to be more productive; Brillio is just making that faster.”