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Working as a team

How Perrit, acadon, & Dynasource leveraged P2P networks to succeed
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Finding the right match

With a Dynamics NAV installation need from a Dutch customer, Germany-based acadon was in need of a strategic partner to help fulfil the request. Through the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) connections, acadon was encouraged to use Dynasource, a platform created to help connect partners that are looking to round out their teams with specific resources.

The Dynasource platform is in essence a talent source service. It works by allowing partners to connect with other partners, and with specific resources within those organizations to assist in engagements outside of their traditional geographies, or to provide complimentary skillsets that a partner may lack. The platform enables this to be done precisely and efficiently, enabled by search functionality built into the tool. The first step is identifying a compatible match between two partners.

Connecting the right partners

Dynasource began when its founders identified issues when they tried to match partners to work together. The goal of the platform was to be able to match a workforce to the type of work being requested.

<i>If you have a customer request, you should be able to find an IT professional within the partner ecosystem to meet the need.</i>

- Yob Dippel, Dynasource Brand & Communications Manager

Dynasource’s goal was to create an efficient way to help companies partner with other companies and their talent resources without compromising quality in their specialized areas of expertise.

Individuals can begin using the Dynasource platform as an individual, identifying their persona as an Admin or a Resource. The persona is the entire basis of how the Dynasource platform connects partners. A partner’s persona acts as a resume, enabling companies and resources to find jobs matched to the specific skillset requested. To build a strong resume, it is important to identify areas of expertise, any competencies, and if you’re able to work on premise or only remotely. Dippel says that Dynasource is working on building an even more robust profile to help better pinpoint partners in the future.

On individual profiles, there’s a limited amount of information published to other users. A majority of information regarding resources and admins is shared by each individual on a case-by-case basis. The Dynasource platform can also be used to create a company profile, which publishes information publically, allowing resources and admins to do research on potential partners but not their specific resources. By analyzing profiles, Dynasource was able to match Perrit and acadon to work together based on a match for a specific engagement.

Working Together

Perrit and acadon were both introduced to the Dynasource platform via IAMCP, but it was only through the Dynasource platform that they were matched to work together on an engagement. acadon, rooted in the timber industry, began working with a Dutch customer and was in need of a partner in the Netherland’s. Through Dynasource, acadon was matched with Perrit.

Currently standing with around 1,500 members from about 1,000 different partners, the Dynasource platform is able to help partners all over the world grow their geographical footprint and provide top of the line service to their customers.

Perrit, a Microsoft Gold Hosting partner based in the Netherlands, started out as a software company and has since transitioned to focus on subscription based services to help customers build and operate within the Azure stack. When they started working with Dynasource, they were looking to expand their geographical reach. Working with acadon provided them the perfect opportunity. "We use Dynasource to expose our skills. We can engage with other companies that are looking for our kind of competencies," Kok says.

Beginning work with one another was simple, "Communications were far quicker with each other because there's already context between our two companies," says CEO and Founder of Perrit, Henk Kok. Unlike traditional recommendations, Dynasource provides and fosters the sharing of necessary information upfront prior to the beginning of an engagement with another partner. Further, Perrit and acadon’s connection via a trusted and active community in IAMCP provided each partner with additional assurances regarding one another.

In the end, Perrit and acadon worked together to help complete a 50 seat NAV installation in a region that acadon didn’t typically work in.

<i>Partnering with someone can push you towards your goals faster, which is exactly what partnering with Perrit did for us.</i>

- Klaus Fander, acadon CFO

The partner-to-partner (P2P) relationship is key in this dynamic. Both Perrit and acadon are big supporters of engaging in P2P efforts. "A lot of people know their way around a technical tool and how to deliver it, but they don’t know how to make it repeatable. Companies and their leaders need to know how to make processes repeatable and agile," says Kok. "Crowd sourcing helps to deliver the best possible service to customers." Both Perrit and acadon intend on using the Dynasource platform again to continue to drive additional P2P engagements.

Dynasource and MPN

Dynasource has been working with MPN and IAMCP to grow their network of available resources on their platform.

<i>We depend on the cooperation of the partners.</i>

- Yob Dippel, Dynasource Brand & Communications Manager

Dibble and Dynasource are working to grow the number of users on the Dynasource platform through MPN and groups likes IAMCP. They’re also focusing on gaining attention through digital marketing efforts.

Enabling growth through digital marketing

“Organic growth is still quite a big challenge,” Dibble says. Most of Dynasource’s onboarding has been through partner groups and individual communications up until recently. But they know to continue to grow, they have to streamline their marketing strategies.

For Dynasource, this means creating content on their website, through partners, and spreading the word about the benefits of using the platform.

“For now, our efforts are focused on getting in touch with larger groups of partners to create a more robust and comprehensive group of resources to guide certain partners through the processes so we can show the outside world what it means to practice with Dynasource,” Dibble says.

Dynasource has created a unique offer that can easily be leveraged in the Microsoft Partner Network. The Dynasource Platform encourages P2P engagement, allowing every partner to focus on what’s important to them without compromising the quality of service they are able to provide to each of their customers.

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