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KUMAVISION case study

Microsoft AppSource and Marketplace Rewards drive 100-plus contact inquiries

Looking to raise awareness for business applications

Microsoft partner KUMAVISION wanted to raise the profile of its applications built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Marketplace Rewards strategy lights the way

The Microsoft Marketplace Rewards program gave KUMAVISION valuable assistance, including expert guidance from an engagement manager.

Inquiries and traffic roll in for KUMAVISION’s marketplace offers

With Marketplace Rewards and Microsoft AppSource, KUMAVISION drove traffic to its offers and generated more than 100 contact inquiries.

Helping customers raise efficiency with industry-specific solutions built on Microsoft technology

KUMAVISION specializes in enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management software based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. KUMAVISION also regularly utilizes the Microsoft Power Platform, Office 365, and Azure services. The KUMAVISION Group comprises the activities of KUMAVISION AG (Germany-Austria-Switzerland) and the EOS Solutions Group (Italy), and it employs 750 people at 25 locations in Germany, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland.

KUMAVISION offers sector-specific solutions for manufacturing, wholesale and retail, healthcare, project service, and medical technology. Thanks to extended functions and workflows, along with best-practice processes, these solutions holistically map companies' industry-specific requirements, ensuring greater transparency and efficiency. KUMAVISION’s project365 app, based on Dynamics 365 Business Central, is designed for the professional services industry.

KUMAVISION expands visibility and interest with Marketplace Rewards

In the course of publishing its first app, Compliance Check, on Microsoft AppSource in July 2018, KUMAVISION became aware of the benefits provided by Microsoft through Marketplace Rewards. KUMAVISION immediately started engaging on its eligible benefits to help drive awareness and demand to its new listing.

“When developing and publishing our apps and services on Microsoft AppSource, we could always rely on the support of our partner success manager: from implementing our Marketplace Rewards to increasing visibility and targeting new potential customers,” said Carolin Wein, AppSource Marketing Manager at KUMAVISION.

With comprehensive support from Microsoft, KUMAVISION raised awareness for its solutions on Microsoft AppSource by executing social promotions and a press release. The social promotion showcases partner solutions through a Microsoft Twitter outlet, and KUMAVISION’s tweets were published on @MSFTDynamics365, the official handle of Dynamics 365. In July 2019, KUMAVISION advertised its SmartStart offer to implement Dynamics 365 Business Central in three days, creating 4,705 impressions. In November 2019, KUMAVISION put the attention on its Change Log Quick Access app, which extends the functionality of the change log in Dynamics 365 Business Central Standard. This effort made 3,806 impressions for Change Log Quick Access.

KUMAVISION also saw success with its press release, which announced the availability of its SmartStart implementation on AppSource. Published in March 2020 and distributed on EIN Presswire, the press release boosted traffic to KUMAVISION's marketplace site by 37 percent and generated not just leads for SmartStart, but for project365, too.

“The @MSFTDynamics365 tweets exposed KUMAVISION to a targeted audience of 65K+ followers and achieved 8K+ impressions. Overall, AppSource has quickly generated more than 100 contact inquiries for KUMAVISION.”

—Holger Schüler, Director of Business Unit KUMA365, KUMAVISION

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