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Praemo case study

VIBCO streamlines operations and improves critical metrics with Praemo Razor on Azure

The challenge of turning data overload into actionable insights

As industrial companies implement IoT systems across their organizations, users are often faced with an abundance of data and no tools to mine the data for actionable insights.

Detect and deter performance issues with Razor on Azure

Analyzing disparate IoT and operational data, Praemo Razor on Microsoft Azure alerts users of anomalies that could degrade performance and provides insights to prevent them.

VIBCO cuts customer lead times in half for a leaner operation

With Razor, industrial vibrator manufacturer VIBCO was able to expose hidden factories in its complex manufacturing value chain and significantly improve its critical metrics.

Praemo improves industrial operations with analytics and actionable insights

Founded in 2017 and based in Canada and the United States, Praemo is an advanced analytics startup that improves the productivity of industrial operations by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning. Praemo has seen tremendous success working with companies of all sizes by employing technology and deployment techniques that enable customers to quickly see the benefits of its Razor analytics engine.

Praemo was excited to start working with Microsoft through the Azure for Startups program. This provided a great opportunity for Praemo to focus on building out its technology utilizing Microsoft Azure infrastructure while staying lean and growing fast. As Praemo has grown, it has continued to partner with Microsoft on different opportunities. Recently, the company listed its Razor prescriptive analytics solution on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Providing industrial and construction vibration solutions for more than 50 years, VIBCO manufactures pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric vibrators for a variety of industries, including asphalt and concrete, food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical, agriculture, and more. Like many industrial companies, VIBCO uses various tools to collect and visualize vast amounts of operational and IoT data. However, the company didn't have the resources required for accumulating, normalizing, and harmonizing all that data to support its Industry 4.0 initiative. This created challenges for operators who need to focus on their tasks and don't have the time or resources to review data manually.

VIBCO streamlines operations and reduces customer lead times with Razor on Azure

VIBCO contacted Praemo to help fill this critical gap by leveraging analytics to transform underutilized data into operation-critical insights. Attaching to a company's IoT and operational data systems, Razor mines for anomalies and trends that signal any deviation from baseline performance. After identifying a potential issue, Razor recommends actions to preempt future consequences. Razor runs silently in the background and automates data science techniques, enabling operators to stay focused on their tasks.

"Praemo's Razor is giving us real live connections to machine and man and helping to harvest the abundance of data and make good business decisions in a business with little room for delays. Among other benefits, we've seen a direct impact on customer lead times, as a result," said Karl Wadensten, Chief Executive Officer, VIBCO.

Using Razor on Azure, VIBCO significantly reduced those customer lead times by exposing hidden factories in its complex manufacturing value chain. These insights enabled VIBCO to focus resources on the next best action to improve processes and critical metrics.

“The tools provided within the Azure platform enabled us to build Razor in a way that drives value quickly for our customers, scales seamlessly with their demand, and ensures data security – all critical to any transformation initiative."

— Paul Boris, CRO, Praemo

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