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Taqtile solutions harness the power of mixed reality for industry productivity

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Taqtile’s journey to mixed reality began in 2011 as a development agency focused on building mobile platform solutions for industries, including retail, entertainment, and hospitality. Rapidly gaining a reputation as a developer that could properly envision, and then precisely deliver, scalable customer-centric mobile solutions, they soon had major customers—like Dollar General, Starbucks, and AT&T—relying on them to deliver business-critical applications.

With an eye toward the future and a focus on emerging platforms, Taqtile began building Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps for Windows and Windows Phone and was soon developing some of the best-known apps on the platforms. Not long after, Taqtile found themselves in a position to take part in the Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program. Dirck Schou, cofounder of Taqtile, explains, “We realized how revolutionary the Microsoft Mixed Reality offering was going to be and how this was a view into the near future—the Enterprise was going to change with the advent of mixed and augmented reality.”

Today, Taqtile provides turnkey solutions built for mixed, augmented, and virtual reality, and these solutions run on Microsoft Azure. As technology platforms evolve, Taqtile will continue to push the envelope and deliver game-changing and truly inspirational solutions for customers.

With a goal of ever-improving the lives of its customers by helping them succeed in the modern workplace, Taqtile delivers mixed reality solutions focused on improving productivity, while providing users with an intuitive experience that is finely tuned to their needs and business process.

The Taqtile HoloMaps product revolutionizes data visualization with a holographic mapping solution that leads collaborators to discover actionable insights that are difficult to visualize using traditional means. It transforms the occupations of those in city planning, security, construction, and humanitarian aid, and it allows them to understand and share their data in a unique and unprecedented way.

The Taqtile Manifest product enables subject matter experts to easily author digital step-by-step instructions overlaid upon real-world equipment. These procedures and associated content, such as videos, pictures, and document attachments, can be viewed hands-free by operators and trainees to follow and perform the procedures.

“Microsoft HoloLens is an amazing tool for golf course design and for planning major events on each course. It is an incredible opportunity for players and caddies to plan their attack on a course, visually identifying the best tee-off locations and hazards and reviewing how they played each hole after the round is complete.”

–Steve Evans, Senior Vice President and CIO, PGA Tour

The PGA Tour worked with Taqtile to use mixed reality to bring golf courses and players’ data to life through scenes using HoloLens. Fans and professional golfers alike are able to understand ShotLink data in a novel way.

With Taqtile HoloMaps, the PGA Tour can now share heat maps of ShotLink data or display golf ball trajectories over a 3D map, modeling for individual players or comparing data of participants in a tournament. This not only enhances the fan experience, it also helps professionals analyze their performance.

“Taqtile has helped us put together a solution for our fans and our players that will bring a whole new experience to our events,” Scott Gutterman, Vice President of Digital Operations, PGA Tour.