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VIDIZMO case study

Virtual Academy offers video training advantages using Azure Cognitive Services

Conventional training programs carry expensive drawbacks

Businesses that offer employee training can incur significant expenses from event planning, travel, venue rental, and lost work hours.

A video training platform using Azure Cognitive Services

VIDIZMO’s Virtual Academy, a video training platform that applies Azure Cognitive Services, provides an alternative path to employee development.

Live and on-demand lessons for remote and personalized learning

With Virtual Academy, businesses can provide remote training and save money while gaining microlearning and customization advantages.

A video solution that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft products

Microsoft gold partner VIDIZMO, an information technology and services company based in Tysons, Virginia, provides solutions for diverse use cases, ranging from corporate communication to public safety to training and learning. VIDIZMO’s Gartner-recognized enterprise video content management system of the same name provides ingestion, storage, processing, search, and analysis for training content.

Virtual Academy, the company’s video training platform, is available as a pay-as-you-go offer in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Virtual Academy is IP Co-sell Ready and runs on Azure infrastructure. It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft products, like SharePoint, and outside video conferencing systems, like Zoom, to make recorded lectures and training easier to secure, store, manage, edit, and share.

Virtual Academy saves companies money by reconceptualizing training

The 2019 Training Industry Report by Training magazine, based on research conducted that year from May to July, determined that companies spent an average of $1,286 per learner and employees lost an average of 42.1 hours of work per year. According to VIDIZMO, Virtual Academy can provide savings of around 85 percent on training and learning. Virtual Academy enables organizations to save time and money by reducing and replacing travel and large events while still making content accessible to a broad audience. Organizations can also transcribe, translate, and digitize their content to make it accessible to employees.

VIDIZMO uses Azure Cognitive Services for translation and speech-to-text functions. Video Indexer, a video metadata extraction tool from Azure Media Services, extracts spoken words, written text, face information, and emotional sentiment from video and audio files. Together, these services aid the discoverability of Virtual Academy’s digital course content by allowing platform-wide and inside-video search capability. Plus, the AI models can be trained and fine-tuned to improve content accuracy.

Conveniently searchable videos enable employees to set up easy-to-digest microlearning sessions whether they’re working on-site or remotely. Virtual Academy offers structured, unstructured, and self-paced learning environments. Through interactive live and on-demand multimedia material, learners can improve their skills, and trainers can evaluate their success with analytics and test results. And to facilitate knowledge transfer among peers and subject matter experts, Virtual Academy lets employees upload content with just a few clicks, paving the way for shared social learning and greater participation.

“Microsoft's best-in-class products allow us to simplify and improve the process of management, encoding, packaging, distribution, analysis, and searchability of training content, such as videos, for our clients.”

—Nadeem Khan, CEO, VIDIZMO LLC

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