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Unlock Limitless Learning

Microsoft Education provides the tools to create an inclusive classroom and personalize learning for every student, enabling them to become more self-directed, confident learners.

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Improve learning outcomes

Students thrive when they have access to personalized learning and tools that spark creativity.

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Transform classroom time

Free teachers from the busywork of managing day-to-day tasks and give them more time and tools to teach.

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Affordable, easy-to-manage technology

Provide affordable solutions that meet the needs of individuals, classrooms, schools, or entire districts.

Common Microsoft Education integration scenarios

How can integrating Microsoft Education help your customers? Explore the variety of scenarios to discover many of the benefits it can bring.

Single sign-on with Azure Active Directory using OAuth 2.0 allows students and teachers to authenticate with their existing Office 365 credentials. You can enable single sign-on in three easy steps:

  1. Create an Azure subscription.
  2. Register your application with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to manage permissions.
  3. Add code for SSO to your app.

For more, read an overview of Office 365 and Azure AD Integration.

School Data Sync (SDS) imports roster data from Student Information Systems (SISs) into Office 365 and Azure Active Directory. Along with the import, SDS automatically creates classes and groups enabling Microsoft Teams, Intune for Education, OneNote Class Notebooks and third-party applications to automate setup, saving teachers and administrators time. Read more about SDS.

Applications integrated with Office 365 Education can use the Microsoft Graph API to access roster data imported from Student Information Systems by School Data Sync (SDS), including classes, teachers, and students. If you have Office 365 Education customers who do not yet use SDS, they can fill out a form online and Microsoft will have its integration team call the customer and get them set up for free.

For those in need of a more flexible and powerful platform for education technology data integration, Microsoft DataSense empowers organizations to invest time and resources into product innovations rather than building complex data integrations. Please contact for more information.

Teachers often ask students to use Office 365 products for assignments. When assignments are graded in O365 products such as Teams or OneNote Class Notebooks, those grades can be automatically updated in an online gradebook, Learning Management System (LMS), or SIS. O365 gradebook integration requires the target gradebook system to expose certain APIs.

If you would like to learn more about gradebook integration, please contact the Education partnerships concierge desk.

While SDS will automatically create Class Notebooks based on roster data imported from an SIS, you may also programmatically create and update class or staff notebooks. Additionally, you can integrate Class Notebooks with an LMS using the LTI standard, and you can create links to give parents or guardians access to notebooks.

Microsoft Teams serves as a communication hub for schools and modern classrooms. You can integrate with Teams to provide rich, differentiated educational experiences within the context of educator and classroom discussions.

  • Tabs let team members access your service on a dedicated canvas connected to a channel or private chat.
  • Bots, which are built on the Microsoft Bot Framework, let team members interact with your service through conversations in Microsoft Teams.
  • Connectors allow your service to send rich notifications right into channels in Microsoft Teams and let team members have conversations around them.

Microsoft Teams provides a tab for teachers to manage assignments in their classroom if their school does not provide an LMS. However, many schools that use Teams for collaboration do provide an LMS and want the two systems to work together seamlessly. The Microsoft Teams Assignments tab can be deactivated, and LMS vendors can create their own tab to integrate their capabilities directly into Teams.

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) allow web applications to be incrementally enhanced to deliver advanced capabilities such as:

  • Create experiences similar to native applications on a variety of platforms including Windows 10, iOS, Android, and Chrome
  • The ability to run offline
  • Access to native platform capabilities, including Windows 10 capabilities such as Ink, Speech, Notifications, and Augmented Reality

You can market and deliver your PWA to educators through the Microsoft Store for Education. Administrators can then easily distribute your application to PCs and mobile devices through InTune for Education and make your application available through the O365 App Launcher. If your application uses SSO and Microsoft Education APIs, then the Microsoft Store for Education will also help administrators to manage your application’s access to Office 365 data.

Whether you are delivering lessons in mixed reality or hacking STEM in the real world, Windows 10 enables classroom devices to deliver rich, immersive education experiences. The Windows Dev Center will help you get started.

From data warehouses to unstructured big data, Azure provides the services you need to manage and reason over educational data sets. Power Platform provides the tools that you need to pull data from multiple sources and provide actionable insights embedded within your education applications.

With Azure’s AI platform, you can build applications that can see, speak, interpret language, and unlock knowledge.

Effective schools require far more than great classrooms. Building on Dynamics, you can help schools transform recruiting, enrollment, student information management, financial aid management, and more.

Find the support you need

As a Microsoft Education partner, assistance is never far away, no matter your experience level or the stage of your project. Have a question or need to speak directly with an expert? The Microsoft Education Partner Concierge Desk is your hands-on guide to working with Microsoft. Or take your solution to market with help from self-service resources, including expert sales and marketing education, content, and additional support that will help you get your solution in front of your target audience.

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