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Partner Testimonials

See what our partners are saying about their success with Microsoft Go-To-Market Services

Our partners are building awareness and expanding their business

We can help you achieve your goals and reach the next level with our levels of service. Read on to see what our partners are saying about the success they have seen with Microsoft Go-To-Market Services and see how we can help you be the next success story.

OSIsoft partner logo

“Over the past year-and-a-half, there has been a tremendous change in the way we’ve been able to interact with Microsoft, the field teams, and the new industry resources that have been assigned for the benefit of our customers. The end result is that customers see a single interface with a stronger business value message instead of two or three separate vendors.”

Prabal Acharyya, Worldwide Director of IoT Analytics and One Microsoft at OSIsoft

damdy partner logo

“In 2016, damdy revenue growth increased 28%, thanks in part to our co-selling activities with Microsoft Go-To Market Services, and we won business with established enterprise-level companies including Covéa, Enedis, Total and Dassault Systèmes.”

Julien Fauvel, Vice President, damdy

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Braineet partner logo

“Working with Microsoft GTM Services over the past two years has helped Braineet nearly double its revenue and has generated wins with eight new and loyal enterprise clients, including Renault, EDF, Engie and Galeries Lafayette. We also shortened our sales cycle by 20% on these wins.”

Jonathan Livescault, CEO of Braineet

Nasuni partner logo

"We moved to Microsoft Azure from Amazon Web Services (AWS) so we could leverage Microsoft GTM Services and the results speak for themselves. Since we moved, our revenue growth has skyrocketed."

Andres Rodriguez, Founder, President and CEO, Nasuni

Nasuni partner logo
Cohesive Networks partner logo

"Working with the Microsoft Go-To-Market Services team doubled our inbound leads in 30 days."

Dwight Koop, Chief Operating Officer, Cohesive Networks

11 Ants Analytics partner logo

"The Global Expansion program has opened doors to partnership discussions that we could not get access to before, enabled us to become more selective about the partners we speak to, and have more compelling discussions with them."

Tom Fuyala, CEO, 11Ants Analytics

11 Ants Analytics partner logo
NBC Sports Group partner logo

"Rio 2016 shattered streaming records in the sports category, with over 3 billion minutes streamed. More than one-third of those who streamed the Games did so from connected TV devices. Our partnership with Microsoft Azure helped us extend our reach to more people and more devices via cloud streaming than ever before."

Eric Black, CTO Digital, NBC Sports Group

Datacastle partner logo

"The Microsoft Go-To-Market Services team has been instrumental in Datacastle rapidly driving Azure consumption. In the last year, we grew Azure consumption by millions of dollars across all our global partnerships."

Craig Blessing, Vice President of Sales, Datacastle

Datacastle partner logo
Kik partner logo

"I’ve seen an inordinate amount of collaboration. People are working together at a rate and with a passion that I don’t think I have witnessed before. It’s wonderful to be in a place where everyone is trying to learn and benefit from each other with the technologies that they’re respectively working on."

Aly Vellani, Program Manager, Kik

Datastax partner logo

"DataStax has seen a 140% increase in pipeline growth for DataStax Enterprise on Azure by leveraging Microsoft’s Go-To-Market Services. To date, we have achieved 14 joint wins with customers such as IHS Markit, Honeywell, Office 365 and Safeway."

Matt Rollender, Vice President of Global Business Development, DataStax

Datastax partner logo
Audioteka logo

"Our partnership with Microsoft helped grow our new weekly users by 140% higher than iOS and expand into new channels with Windows Phone devices and new geographies. We started to get more paying users on Windows than iOS on a weekly basis."

Marcin Beme, CEO, Audioteka

Liberman Software partner logo

"As we tried to grow awareness that our Enterprise Random Password Manager product was now available on Azure, the Microsoft Go-To-Market Services team was right there beside us."

Jess Richter, VP of Strategic Alliances, Lieberman Software

Liberman Software partner logo
Ooyala partner logo

"Co-selling with Microsoft enables us to reach more customers in more markets and leverage Microsoft’s enterprise credibility. This approach has resulted in new business with four customers to date, including Toca Boca and the Women’s Tennis Association."

Aanal Bhatt, Senior Director of Channel Sales, Ooyala

Plexure partner logo

"Microsoft and the Go-To-Market Services team helped us land deals with a major international furniture retailer—one of the largest brewers in the world—and is helping us continue to grow our global deployments with one of the largest fast-food chains."

Bill McHargue, SVP Global Sales, Plexure

Plexure partner logo
VSN success story

"We reached almost 700,000 potential customers combined and landed at least 30 leads, thanks to executing the Microsoft Go-To-Market Services offers."

Aaron López, Chief Operations Officer, VSN

Zentera partner logo

"With support from the Go-To-Market Services team at Microsoft, our press release helped us gain great traction for Zentera."

Mike Loftus, VP Product Management and Marketing, Zentera

Zentera partner logo
MyAppFree partner logo

"Our brand and product awareness really grew while working with the Microsoft Go-To-Market Services team. We had a marked increase in developers interested in our product, so it was a very interesting and profitable activity for us."

Massimo Caroli, CTO and Co-Founder, myAppFree

Episerver partner logo

"Episerver has seen significant benefits from the Microsoft Go-To-Market Services partnership. We’ve seen our position in the market and recurring revenue take off as a result of our co-marketing and co-selling efforts, with Episerver Digital Experience Cloud growth of more than 200 percent year-over-year."

James Norwood, Chief Marketing Officer and EVP Strategy, Episerver

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