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Get ready to sell through partners

Discover how to collaborate with partners to sell your app.

Prepare your app for a partner marketplace

Position your app in front of more customers and get the infrastructure you need to grow by leveraging our thriving ecosystem of partners. Ensure your app is ready to sell through one or more of our thousands of partners’ marketplaces. Consider these important details as guidance on your road to working with these partners.

What makes your app unique?
How much of your profit are you willing to share?
Do you have staff and/or content available that can teach
    a third-party seller how to sell your app?
What is your strategy for delivering technical support?
You will need to agree to some rules with your new partner(s).
    What are your must-haves?

Start with the overview

Learn about the fundamental concepts of selling in a partner’s marketplace.

Drive sales activities

Gain an understanding of selling in a cloud market and the intricacies of working with a partner.

Engage your marketing

Learn how to craft a successful go-to-market plan for the cloud and connect with other partners.

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