DigitalStride turns your website into a lead generation engine

Be better positioned to reach more customers and generate more leads with the power of digital marketing.
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Two women use Digital Stride IQ assessment

Optimize online discoverability

Evaluate your online presence with DigitalStride’s IQ assessment to start optimizing your digital marketing

A man reaches more customers with Digital Stride

Accelerate business transactions

Improve your online marketing and quickly reach more potential customers

Two men increase their cloud leads with Digital Stride

Increase cloud leads

Register and receive a web content syndication service that provides customer-facing content and helps increase the visibility of your cloud solutions


Microsoft DigitalStride offers partners a packaged set of digital marketing services at a low price, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which can help potential customers find their website at a lower cost per acquisition. The services also include the improvement of a partner’s Microsoft Referrals profile helping to generate new cloud opportunities and more business transactions. Some of the additional benefits of developing your digital marketing capability through DigitalStride include:

  • Driving net new revenue at a fraction of the cost of adding a new sales representative
  • Building personalized contact points with potential customers
  • Easily monitoring the sales pipeline and measuring return on investment (ROI)
  • Taking advantage of a more cost effective way of reaching customers compared to traditional media
  • Deliver content syndication and the ability to dynamically update content based on new campaigns and launches
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Microsoft DigitalStride will help increase the discoverability of your website, which will help you attract customers, lower customer acquisition costs, increase content relevancy; and drive more leads. In addition to maximizing discoverability, DigitalStride will provide you the necessary consulting, support, and recommendations to help you succeed.

DigitalStride highlights

  • Assigned agency project manager
  • 6 hours of consulting
  • Tailor-made baseline reports
  • Monthly reporting updates

Digital IQ assessment

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) review
  • Website optimization score
  • Social presence check
  • Referrals presence check

Search engine optimization

  • Implementation of SEO recommendations
  • Real-time online SEO dashboard
  • Improvement of search engine friendliness, link popularity, and keyword ranking

Content syndication

  • Deployment of Microsoft Office 365 microsite
  • Microsite includes try/buy links along with offer banner

Referrals optimization

  • Agency-led optimization of Microsoft Referrals profile
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Independent Software Developer(ISV) and App Developer offers

Microsoft DigitalStride offers three custom website and SEO packages specifically for ISV and App developer partners, to help you maximize your web impact and online presence in Microsoft marketplaces.

1. Digital Marketing IQ Assessment

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) score
  • Code compliance
  • Website performance
  • Responsive design
  • Marketplace Assessment

2. Search Engine Optimization

  • Assigned agency project manager
  • 6 hours of digital marketing agency consulting
  • Digital IQ assessment
  • Search engine optimization
  • Marketplace recommendations
  • Tracking and reporting for six months

3. Conversion Optimization

  • Initial audit of landing pages, websites and marketplace sites, including content and user experience
  • Identify conversion barriers to customers
  • Structure page content to enable and effect conversion funnel
  • Improve user experience to help prospective customers transact more easily
  • Tracking and reporting for six months
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Reach more customers and maximize your digitally-generated revenue with DigitalStride.

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