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It’s hard to beat the value of partner-to-partner conversations and networking. Luckily, there are communities to help you expand your network and make an even bigger impact on your business.

The value of collaboration

Dynasource helps you deliver on the promise to your customers by finding you the talent you need.

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Introducing Dynasource, a global two-sided marketplace that allows partners to connect with other firms that have complementary expertise and capabilities. If you have excess capacity, increase your billability and profitability by finding partners that can drive utilization of your staff. If you lack the capacity, Dynasource can help you connect with partners that have the expertise to enable and expand your solutions.*

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To create a successful partnership, it is necessary to understand the steps to get there. This IDC study recommends a standard partnering collaboration framework, for channel partners to work with other channel partners and mutually grow their businesses and nurture customer relationships.

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Satisfy your customers

If your customers are looking for a solution that is outside your particular expertise, you can use Dynasource to find an expert that can provide that solution. By connecting through Dynasource and agreeing to work together, you can meet customer demand for needs across the Microsoft portfolio and grow your business.

Transform through collaboration

After you’ve created a profile on Dynasource, you can search the Dynasource Microsoft Partner Community for qualified resources that can collaborate with your team on an opportunity. This allows you to transform your cloud business and expand your offerings at a pace that works for you.

Increase demand for your resources

Business is not always predictable, but retaining your quality staff is essential to your success. With Dynasource, you are able to make your resources and capabilities available to partners who can utilize them today, making your workforce agile and billable.

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In order to join Dynasource, all you’ll need is general information about your business. Once you create a profile, you will be able to search for other resources and jobs, as well as create and post your own. You will be able to control the availability of your resources and what level of information you would like to share about your capabilities. With the Dynasource premium membership, you’ll be able to request connections with other members and resources. Follow the link below to

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*Dynasource is not affiliated with Microsoft and operates the Dynasource platform independently of Microsoft. Dynasource is solely responsible for its products and services.