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What is CIE?

CIE stands for Customer Immersion Experience (formerly known as Microsoft Experience Center or MEC). CIE is a powerful and proven sales and marketing program that can give customers the opportunity to have hands-on, real-world experiences with the Microsoft platform.


Why become a CIE qualified partner?

Microsoft partners who obtain CIE qualified status are positioned to reap the benefits of greater revenue opportunities and shorter sales cycles. Our research shows that taking customers through a CIE leads to a larger pipeline, increasing both the number of opportunities, as well as the scope of opportunities already in the pipeline. On average, we see a 10% Increase in service revenue, 50% increase in average revenue for O365, and 20% higher revenue renewal rates. And, because customers actually experience the solution, they understand how valuable it is and how quickly it could impact their business. As a result, this typically decreases the time to close deals.

Where do I start?

Becoming a CIE-qualified Partner allows you to be a trained facilitator who will be ready to discuss attendee’s business practices and help them explore technology that will help address their challenges. CIEs create a unique dynamic that builds trust and unlocks new business opportunities for the customer, Microsoft, and Partners like you. Please download the CIE Partner Guide to learn more.

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