Microsoft Community Connections (MCC)

Showcase your technology expertise with educational workshops for non-profit associations and their small businesses members

Microsoft partners: Showcase your expertise by hosting a technology event

As part of the latest industrial revolution, small businesses need technology education to make the most informed buying decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

As a Microsoft partner, you have the expertise needed to offer technology education workshops to non-profit business associations and their small business members.

Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Connect with a non-profit business association
  • Identify a technology topic or series of topics that addresses the needs of small businesses
  • Host an event where your technology experts can connect with and help educate small businesses

Take the next step

MCC Partner Pitch Kit

Use this kit to help you describe the value of MCC to business associations.


Pick an event topic

Find a wide selection of topics and campaign materials to use for your event. Once you’ve confirmed your topic with the business association, you are ready to host the event.

Join the weekly Marketing SureStep call

Chat with Microsoft marketing experts and get tips on webinar and event best practices.

The Chamber of Commerce Executives of Ohio (CCEO) highly believes in the Microsoft Communities Connections (MCC) program because of the value-add that it provides small businesses in and around technology and software education!

-- Isaac R. Lee, Chamber of Commerce Executives of Ohio