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Extended Period Terms (EPT) invoice enforcement details

Last Modified 2022-03-25

EPT invoices are generated for applicable products when customers are opted in for EPTs and are delayed in renewing their EAs or EASs. To drive on-time renewals, the following changes are being made for EPT invoice credit requests:
- For deals submitted late to the Regional Operations Centers (ROC) for processing but are still within their renewal month, the ROC may process the EPT invoice credit.
- For submitted deals that are over one month late, the ROC won’t process an EPT invoice credit.
- Non-Azure online services (OLS) products that were in EPT from the prior enrollment and are renewed will have a coverage start date effective from the first of the month of renewal processing.
- Any new or additional quantities or products will be prorated to have a coverage start date equal to the first of the month of renewal processing.

This change will be effective for renewals from June 1, 2022 (expiration is on May 31).

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