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Business Applications

Keep pushing forward with intelligent applications for your customers powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Go to market

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Grow your practice

Bring more solutions to market across applications

As you deliver more business solutions across a wider range of applications and industries, Microsoft is here to help you bring those to market with our go-to-market kits.

More ways to expand your business

Further your business growth with valuable referrals, strategic partnerships, and expert marketing assistance.

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Reach customers through referrals

Create a business profile to make more meaningful customer connections and help your organization scale.

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Forge new partnerships

Get on the fast track to sustainable business growth and profitability by building strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships.

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Tap into valuable marketing assistance

Elevate your marketing presence and accelerate your success with support from the Microsoft Go-to-Market Services team.

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Keep building your practice with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Learn the best way to build your AI practice and help customers innovate with data-driven business intelligence.

Build with AI
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Sell with Microsoft at your side

When you co-sell jointly with Microsoft, you benefit from sales support, as well as Microsoft's deep customer relationships and technical expertise.

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Keep growing your SMB solutions

Drive your momentum in the small-to-midmarket business (SMB) space by expanding your capabilities in business apps. Learn from the SMB experience of other partners by joining the SMB Partner Insider Community and signing up for the monthly community calls.

Tools to maximize SMB opportunities

Sales video: Business Central

Use this video to show customers how Business Central provides a connected business management solution.

More effective sales

Give customers a full picture of how Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales empowers sellers to engage customers and drive effectiveness.

Sales demo webinar

Learn to give expert demos of Dynamics 365 for Marketing through this webinar, and access tools to support your marketing strategy.

Perfect your pitch

Watch this comprehensive pitch recording to learn how to better promote Dynamics 365 for Customer Service solutions.

Stay up to date with Dynamics 365 news and trends

Find out what’s new with Dynamics 365 features, trainings, sales tips, and more to stay on the cutting edge.

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Get involved in the community

Connect, discuss, learn, and share with thousands of other partners like you in the Microsoft Partner Community. Find real-world learnings and advice on exploring new application areas and building a thriving application practice.

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