Minecraft: Education Edition starts here—overview of training material

Last Modified 2020-06-15

We have provided a modular workshop approach for Minecraft: Education Edition that allows you to customize your materials to suit a variety of professional development opportunities. Using only the "Placing your First Blocks" workshop, you can complete the professional development in a 60-90-minute time frame if necessary. For a half-day approach, include two of the additional modules contained in this notebook. For a full-day approach, use up to 4-6 modules. The goal of Day 1 training is to get participants to feel confident in basic play movements (moving around, placing/ destroying blocks), very basic game management (exporting/ importing worlds, classroom settings) and ready to deliver a ready-made lesson with Minecraft: Education Edition. Day 2 can be dedicated to exploring in-depth one or several subject matters, like coding or math. Example agendas are available as well.