With Ziosk tablets, dine and dash becomes a good thing for restaurants.

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A tablet for every table makes eating out more appetizing

It’s Friday night –

Time to wind down from the week and enjoy a great meal with family and friends. What could possibly derail your dining pleasure? Oh, right: bored kids, wrong orders, too-busy wait staff, the restaurant running out of the strawberry lemonade you had your heart set on, waiting an eternity to pay your check when your movie starts in 15 minutes.

Enter the interactive, at-your-table tablet that’s making it so much easier for restaurants to serve you better, courtesy of Ziosk.

Now as you settle in at your favorite restaurant, the tablet at your table is already making your evening more pleasant. If you’re starving, you can order an appetizer as soon as you sit down. While your eleven-year-old is detailing her day, your nine-year-old is occupied playing a game.

But that tablet can do much more to make dining out delicious.

The Ziosk device already gives diners more control over their dining experience – you can add appetizers to your order, peruse the menu, eye the dessert choices.

Sounds delightful, doesn’t it? But Ziosk wanted to go even further. They wanted to enable restaurants to take all that data coming in and generate real-time, actionable information to enrich your dining experience.

What if the tablet could predict what you want next?

Decided on that brownie sundae after all? Now it’s just a click away.

Ziosk is working with Microsoft partner Artis Consulting to build the next generation of dining-data analytics: how are customers using the tablets? What content are they clicking on and when?

Together they are leveraging Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning to understand the data coming in from the tablets and personalize the experience for the diner using it. How much better can the content on the Ziosk be when it’s chosen especially for you?

Back to your Friday night dinner: the tablet, having learned from aggregated data how the average diner interacts with Ziosk while progressing through a meal, offers you preferred appetizer choices when you first sit down, reminds you that new children’s games are available to entertain your nine-year-old, and presents dessert choices that couple well with your entrée order.

"Our challenge is to understand what drives guest behavior and use that insight to give guests more of what they want, when they want it."

- Kevin Mowry, Chief Software Architect at Ziosk

Moreover, the data flowing in will benefit diners in ways they won’t even realize: customer feedback alerts will help restaurant managers reinforce wait-staff behaviors that create exceptional guest experiences and address customer complaints before the guest leaves the restaurant. Ordering patterns will make it easier to recommend food and beverage options that are relevant to the guest based on their ordering selections.

“We are using Azure to make our UX smarter and truer to its purpose: enhancing the guest experience,” says Mowry.

The ability to reduce a restaurant’s expenses while helping them serve customers better has been a true recipe for success for Ziosk. Tablets were on tables in 400 restaurants in 2014; by the start of 2015, they were in 1,400 and by the end of the year they will be in well over 3,000 locations.

Ziosk tablets with Microsoft technologies have overtaken poutine as the trendiest item to pop up at restaurant tables this year.

As the volume of incoming data increases, Ziosk is positioned to grow with it, leveraging the scalability of Microsoft Azure and utilizing the information to help its customer restaurants maintain their competitive advantage.

Whether you are the restaurant corporation using Power BI to gain insights into all aspects of performance; or the manager who can optimize your operations; or the guest who no longer has to get the waiter’s attention to order or pay your check when you are ready to go, Ziosk tablets are making your time in that restaurant better. And that’s a win for everyone.

Everyone, including you and your family when you made it to the movie in time, thanks to Ziosk and Artis and Microsoft cloud technologies.

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