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Extreme fans get their fix

Xpreshon’s action sports app throws fuel on a growing culture

Action sports junkies are insatiable addicts.

For them, there's nothing like dancing on the lip of a beastly wave on a fiberglass board with only stingrays for company. And when they're not defying death, they're watching videos of other people defying death.

Yeah, sure, millions watch football, basketball, and baseball. But those family-room friendly sports leave adrenaline junkies wanting more. To them, sports aren't a game: they're a thrilling, edge-of-the-seat ride where ending up the hospital is always a possibility.

A new place to get hooked up... with content.

One of the newest places for action sports fans to get their fix is Xpreshon. The Australian startup covers breaking news, live events, athlete profiles, and action sport movies on demand. It's a one-stop spot for the action sports lifestyle. And its community is growing.

So the company decided to create an app. One that would aggregate all news, sporting profiles, and videos straight to televisions and devices. They hooked up with Object Consulting, and soon their business case was rolling.

“Object had all the capabilities we needed, and some we didn’t know we needed. They know what they are talking about, and they get things done.”

- Jason Webb, Co-founder, Xpreshon

Flexibility and efficiency would be key for the app. After all, Xpreshon fans came from all over the world—130 countries in total, including distant locales like Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Uzbekistan, and Tanzania.

So they built their media streaming and customer management on Microsoft's flexible Microsoft Azure cloud platform. After putting together a Windows 8 app, they were able to quickly develop one for Xbox 360.

The Xpreshon apps have been downloaded over 5,000 times since their launch.

Watch videos and get industry news that is as extreme as the sports

The app gives users the power to upload videos of them shredding waves and powder, and a way to handle all the Digital Rights Management that comes with it. It even allows streaming of live events, so fans will never miss the next epic take-down of a monster wave at Lennox Head.

Still, everyone knows there are more than enough places to watch videos online—making yet another video-watching app would be a waste of space. So multiple news feeds let fans keep tabs of the industry, and the whole experience is sweetened with usage tracking, a global ratings system, and cross-device identity management.

Now users can switch devices, and the system follows.

Being able to change devices, level up your account in the ratings, and read the news are just some of the sweeteners Xpreshon has baked in. Most importantly, their new app lets action sports nuts upload their own wicked content while devouring others'. So even when they're not conquering a gargantuan wave, they can still be fully immersed in their sport.

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From daily breaking news, live events, in-depth athlete profiles, and the best action sports movies on demand, Xpreshon is the destination for all of your action sports lifestyle.

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