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Crowdfunding paves the way to funding in New Zealand art community.

Ever heard of the Ross Ice Shelf?

No, it's not the mass of crystals behind the peas in your freezer. It's the roughly half-million square kilometers of ice that covers the southern part of Antarctica.

And Wellington artist Gabby O'Connor's dream was to recreate it.

Unfortunately, like most artists, she was high on concept and low on funds. Across town, the Circa Theatre was also hurting for cash to provide accessible performances.

With so many artists clamoring for funding, the Arts Foundation, New Zealand's leading arts philanthropy organization, approached NV Interactive for a solution. And what they did forever changed the face of the arts industry in New Zealand.

Crowdfunding eases the money crunch and nurtures art for art’s sake.

Soon enough, efforts were under way to create Boosted—a universal crowdfunding platform to help artists and artisans showcase their work and seek monetary assistance to pursue greater venues.

“This unexpected level of support removes many of the usual stresses that occur when trying to make art happen—namely the financial ones."

- Gabby O’Connor, Artist

Supporting the funding of arts projects in New Zealand is just one of many functions that Boosted is capable of doing. It serves as a platform for artists and donors to connect, and move projects forward together. Imagine being able to both showcase your creativity and find donors actively seeking your kind of art to adorn their spaces. It’s a win-win.

The Boosted platform host a sleek design and is easy to use

Though philanthropy is enough reason to donate, all donations given via Boosted are eligible for a 33% tax rebate.

Donations can range from $5 to thousands. And as Boosted launched, they started pouring in. Soon, Gabby had the money she needed to create her vision of the Ross Ice Shelf; titled “Some Time,” it was her largest installation piece yet.

Gabby's installation piece received 153% of the funding requested.

Crowdfunding isn’t a new concept. Kickstarter and Indiegogo have both been internationally successful. What sets Boosted apart is its process. For starters, all projects are curated by a dedicated, knowledgeable team. Secondly, artists looking to realize their dreams through Boosted are supported and nurtured under the aegis of The Arts Foundation.

The love of art, with Boosted, is as pure as it gets. There are no rewards or incentives for the donors. Such levels of altruism may seem utopian for some. But the numbers beg to differ.

Boosted generated over $400,000 in donations across 100+ projects.

All this success in just over a year. Here are a few more impressive numbers, made possible with Microsoft Technologies:

8,545, total donations, 6,074 individual donors, $15,000 was the largest donation, and an average donation of $125

With a forecast of donations in excess of $1 million over the next 12 months, Boosted continues to nurture and help art flourish in New Zealand by bridging the monetary gap between art and the artist. Thanks to the support of thousands of patrons, the platform's capacity to fundamentally change the cultural landscape of New Zealand has added a new phrase to the Kiwi vernacular – to ‘boost’ a project.

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Gabby O'Connor is an installation artist living in Wellington NZ. She really likes icebergs and the stories and science of exploring Antarctica. Her projects all take a lot of time.

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