Microsoft Viva Employee Experience: Technical learning path

Last Modified 2022-06-15

Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform that brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights in the flow of work. Powered by Microsoft 365 and experienced through Microsoft Teams, Viva fosters a culture that empowers people and teams to work from anywhere.

This technical learning path will equip you with the necessary resources and information to build technical acumen for Employee Experience solutions that are built on Microsoft Viva, including Viva Connections, Viva Insights, Viva Learning, Viva Topics, and Viva Goals. It will prepare you for the Microsoft Viva Employee Experience: Technical assessment. Start with the Viva Connections learning path, and work your way through each to help set yourself and your organization up for success.

The assessment is hosted on Partner University. For assistance signing in to Partner University, please visit the last collection in this learning path to learn how to associate your Partner Center account with your Partner University account.