Shooter, Mixed reality

REGENESIS Arcade DELUXE game cover

REGENESIS Arcade DELUXE is a dynamic, futuristic shooter designed for Virtual Reality technology. Player is facing successive waves of various drones and powerful bosses, using a wide range of weapons, enhancements, reinforcements and power-ups. Enemies advanced Artificial Intelligence forces the use of diverse tactics and tools, as well as advanced physics of the environment. REGENESIS Arcade features five types of weapons (including Gravity Gun, that allows you to manipulate your surroundings) with different range, fire rate and power, as well as power-ups, randomly appearing after destroyed enemies and turrets. They will help the player to get out of the most dangerous situations. Between the rounds, player can customize his weapons, selecting from range of perks like freezing shots, bouncing bullets and doubled barrels. These will certainly be useful when one of the powerful bosses will enter the arena. Fighting him will require not only a fine eye, but also agility in jumping aro...