Multi-Player Online Battle Arena, PC, Cloud-powered

Bellum:Stellae game cover

Bellum:Stellae is the new interstellar territory capture game of the Bellum Games Ltd. The center of the game is the multiplayer online battle arena where the players fight to upgrade their own territories or destroy others.

For a surprisingly exciting game we mixed a little bit the genres. Our game is a multiplayer online battle arena filled with strategy, which also uses special cards and spells and some ideas of idle games. This gives the players the right mix for playing online for hours forgetting the time with this exciting PvP game where you can also use special avatars/skins.

The players can start 1 vs. 1 battles where they use unit/troop cards during the fight which produces MP’s and gives them some passive abilities or spell cards that give them active abilities. This way one will not know which type of strategy the opponent chooses. Setting up a good deck also involves a decision about your strategy. You must think logically, have a quick reaction time and you must hav...


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