Learn how to refine your SaaS market strategy

Understand the factors that are shaping the software as a service (SaaS) buyer market in this Forrester market trends report.

The enterprise software market is undergoing a foundational change. This is how solution providers can prepare for it.

After decades of IT-led buyer models, line-of-business (LOB) stakeholders are developing an increasing say in purchasing decisions—especially for the LOB applications they use on a day-to-day basis. Scalability, reliability, and accelerated return on investment are becoming more important than ever in a customer’s solution selection process.

For solution providers, making the most of that market opportunity means aligning your business model to those evolving customer needs. In Forrester’s market trends report, Ten Key Strategies For Pivoting Enterprise Applications to SaaS, you can see how customers are augmenting their buying process and what kind of factors your products will be evaluated against. This third-party report will walk you through:

  • How customers are adjusting their purchasing models to align to business outcomes versus internal technical limitations.
  • The difference between SaaS-first and SaaS-only operating models, as well as their impacts on enterprise organizations.
  • Why flexible prototyping instances have become critical to an increasingly ROI-driven application selection process.

Staying aligned to buyer expectations means understanding the macro and micro trends shaping the solution market. Download this report today and start tailoring your business strategy to customers’ evolving needs.

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