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Partnering for success

Read the IDC case study on the power of working with other Microsoft partners.


Discover the value of partnership

Take the first step. Transform your business by partnering with other Microsoft partners. By using these resources to launch your partnering strategy, we can help get you on the right path to building out your managed services, extending your IP, and helping to increase revenue and profitability.

Partnerships benefit your company when you:

  • Move from a generalist to a specialist.
  • Become more targeted in your vertical strategy.
  • Consider outsourcing the development of intellectual property.
  • Differentiate by adding managed services, and more.

Take the first step to connect with other Microsoft partners

Assess your readiness for partnering

The evidence is clear

See how other partners are building deeper relationships with customers—and strengthening their businesses in the process.


Partner to get the expertise you need

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Identify unique knowledge your company has, then pick one or two possible specializations to investigate further.

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Once you’ve chosen a specialization, dial it in with solutions targeted to your market’s needs. Explore branding opportunities.

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Seek out partners who can help you create new verticals and build new solutions more efficiently than starting from scratch.

Are you ready to partner?

Launch your success in partnering by assessing your maturity as a partner and then identifying which resources are right for you based on the types of partners you want to collaborate with.

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P2P Maturity Model

Download the comprehensive guide and assess your knowledge and partnering maturity against 10 primary business functions.

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P2P Guidebook

Download this resource matrix to help you navigate and identify the right resources to help you accelerate your specific partnerships.

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P2P FAQs and Best Practices

Download this series of guides to help you navigate best practices in partnering and overcome challenges as you create an alliance.

Partner stories

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Read Revera’s plan to help your business adapt and prosper in a cloud-first world—and see how it’s grown from humble beginnings.

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Learn about BitTitan’s commitment to engaging with other Microsoft partners to educate, automate, and deliver lifetime value.

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Win Technologies

Discover how Win Technologies leverages MPN technical benefits to help its reseller and solutions provider partner grow.