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Microsoft Education Partner Readiness Kit

Get to know Microsoft Education and develop key messaging to share with your customers at every stage of the sales cycle.

Our mission in Education

The education mission at Microsoft is to empower every student, everywhere, to achieve more. To that end, we create hardware and software that improves learning outcomes. Together, we’re taking the classroom into the future.


Tell your customers about Microsoft Education products.

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Windows 10 feature videos

Show your customers the power of Windows 10 in education with these short videos.

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Inclusive Classroom campaign

Use these assets to drive customers into your funnel.

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Windows 7 End of Service campaign

Use these assets to show customers the benefits of switching from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

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Buying season campaign 2020

Generate interest and sales with the following buying season campaign assets.


Understand how to articulate the benefits of various products to different customers.

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The class of 2030

Use these resources to help your customers understand how technology can help prepare the class of 2030 for the world.

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Fresno case study

Show your customers how the Fresno school district used Microsoft technology to implement a personalized learning initiative.

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Teaching soft skills with tech

Show your customers how social and emotional learning can help students succeed in the age of AI.


Develop a deeper understanding of our products and how to implement them.

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Silent demos

Show your customers click-through demonstrations of Microsoft technology.

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Customer presentations

Use these presentations to give your customers an overview of the Microsoft vision for the future of education.

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Microsoft Education battlecard

Use this battlecard to position Microsoft products and services in compete scenarios.

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Full demonstrations

Set up a fleshed-out demonstration to show your customers the power of Microsoft Education products.

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Partner DevCamps

Explore 200 courses for developers in the education industry who work with Office 365 and Azure.


Understand how to license Microsoft Education products and services and inform your customers.

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Licensing guidance

Explore the Enrollment for Education Solutions licensing guide to understand how to license products to your customers.

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Shape the Future Program overview

Explore the Microsoft Windows license discount program, how to take advantage of it, and how to compete against market threats.

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Guide to Open License for Academic

This guide provides information to help you understand the Microsoft Open License for Academic licensing agreement.

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Product licensing overview

Get an overview of the Microsoft 365 and Office 365 suites and services for education.


Excite your customers with our products and services.

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Customer stories

Browse customer stories that explain how Microsoft Education solutions are being used in classes and institutions everywhere.

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Digital Marketing Content OnDemand

Sign up to join this marketing platform to start automating and tracking your marketing efforts.

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Quick tip videos

Share these videos with your customers to show them the features they can use to drive better learning outcomes.