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A holistic approach to datacenter transformation

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A powerful data transformation strategy

A large energy provider asked Microsoft partner 10th Magnitude to roll out a new set of applications to the company’s end customers—with the catch being that the corporation did not want to invest in a new datacenter. And the job needed to be done within a few months. No problem.

Within 90 days of engagement, 10th Magnitude had migrated 2,500 Linux virtual machines to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Using a combination of Azure Security Management and Azure App Insights, 10th Magnitude also helped the energy company gain rich visibility into its entire application suite.

The solutions delivered to the power provider are typical of 10th Magnitude’s approach. All of the company’s datacenter transformation solutions are drawn from one place: its multiple Microsoft competencies, which it customizes as needed to address customer challenges.

10th Magnitude bet its business on Microsoft—and that business is doubling every year

10th Magnitude is living the dream, with business growing at an astonishing rate of 200 percent to 250 percent year over year. Its secret? While other companies might spread themselves across a variety of IT projects, 10th Magnitude is on a singular mission to perform cloud transformations using Microsoft Azure.

10th Magnitude opened its doors in 2010 at the advent of cloud technology. From the outset, it sought to perform cloud transformations, adopting the Microsoft Azure platform early in the Azure life cycle. 10th Magnitude trusted the support organization and knew the platform would work for the large enterprises that the company was targeting.

This early adoption led to a level of expertise that remains in high demand. With its strong foundation in datacenter transformation, 10th Magnitude has expanded its capabilities to perform the entire suite of Azure Services. Today, the company delivers Enable Azure, Application innovation, IoT and analytic services, and offers managed services for the Azure cloud.

“10th Magnitude is an Azure partner and our focus is around cloud transformation. As a small organization, the key to success was to be very focused and excellent, world-class at one or two things.”

— Alex Brown, Founder and CEO, 10th Magnitude

Azure migration dashboard leads to big wins

10th Magnitude identified a common theme across Azure infrastructure opportunities: customers struggle with cost estimation and comparison when migrating to the cloud. To address these challenges, 10th Magnitude built an Azure Migration Dashboard.

This dashboard has delivered significant benefits for customers, allowing them to easily compare different investments to make more informed purchase decisions. For instance, a global construction firm was preparing to move its IT infrastructure to another cloud provider—until the firm discovered 10th Magnitude’s Azure Migration Dashboard.

After using the tool’s ability to compare infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) optimization scenarios, the construction firm realized that an Azure-powered IaaS and PaaS solution would be far more cost-effective than an AWS lift-and-shift. As a result, the construction firm deployed an on-premises Windows and Linux environment with Azure Site Recovery failover that integrates with Azure services, all while saving money for the customer. And it does it all with remarkable yearly savings for the customer.

With the power of the Azure Migration Dashboard, 10th Magnitude successfully served several new clients. The key to each of those successes was 10th Magnitude’s ability to show the customer in detail how infrastructure optimized with Azure was the best option for its business.

“Microsoft has really helped us to accelerate the growth of our managed services business by providing rich tools like the CSP program.”

— Jason Rook, Vice President of Market Development, 10th Magnitude

Enabled by Microsoft, 10th Magnitude continues to evolve its offerings

10th Magnitude didn’t add a managed service component on Azure because it wanted to extend its business—although that has certainly been the result. It did it because customers were clamoring for the services.

The managed services offering provides recurring revenue to 10th Magnitude and opens up new market opportunities. But most importantly, customers want it. Plus, through Microsoft programs like Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), 10th Magnitude now offers customers more options in the way it packages and delivers managed solutions. The company also uses several tools, such as Chef and Kemp, to provide best-in-class service and deliver a comprehensive solution to its customers.

Microsoft has a new alignment around open source technologies that has been another key to 10th Magnitude’s success. Instead of being focused solely on Microsoft, the company has the freedom to get creative and align themselves to match customer needs.

As for the future, CEO Alex Brown says he is more excited now than he was when he founded the company. “Our customers, we’re finding out, are leading us rather than us leading them. And what customers are asking for is a partner that can help them not only design and deploy transformed infrastructures, but also operate and manage those infrastructures on an ongoing basis—which is what 10th Magnitude will be doing in the years ahead."

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