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Abnormal Security case study

With Marketplace Rewards, Microsoft partner lands deals, drives traffic, and gains credibility with Microsoft sellers

A desire to make the most of a business relationship

Abnormal Security wanted to advance its Microsoft partnership and become a co-sell partner with transactable Azure Marketplace offers.

Tapping into benefits and features of the commercial marketplace

Abnormal Security optimized and promoted its offer through Marketplace Rewards, while also leveraging the marketplace private offer capability.

Going from ‘Who's Abnormal?’ to ‘Here’s how we win together’

Abnormal Security made big strides, winning deals up to 25K seats, connecting with Microsoft sellers, and advancing its go-to-market strategy.

A Microsoft partner protecting enterprises from email threats

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, with regional offices in Australia, Canada, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand, Abnormal Security protects organizations from email threats that evade legacy solutions. The Microsoft partner and member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association continually works to stay ahead of ever-evolving email security challenges.

The company's cloud-native email security platform of the same name protects enterprises from advanced targeted attacks via anomalous behavior detection. Utilizing Microsoft Azure AI, Abnormal Security analyzes organizations from the inside out, developing a deep understanding of people, relationships, and business context in order to stop targeted attacks, such as business email compromise and vendor email compromise.

The journey from zero leads to a 25,000-seats deal

Abnormal Security knew from experience and from Microsoft research that customers increasingly want a marketplace for their solution research and procurement processes. The company didn’t want to settle for a “Contact me” offer. By becoming transactable, Abnormal Security unlocked Marketplace Rewards benefits, including guidance from an engagement manager. This helped Abnormal Security make its listing highly visible and optimized to attract potential buyers. Abnormal Security went from zero leads to at least one lead per week – and these leads were customers ready to buy when they clicked on the “Get it now” button.

At a webinar with Microsoft sellers, Abnormal Security gained additional visibility and credibility, attracting several dozen live attendees and at least as many viewings of the on-demand recording. A social promotion spotlight spiked traffic to the company’s Azure Marketplace listing, registering a 212 percent increase in unique visitors and a 233 percent increase in page views.

Azure sponsorships from Microsoft enabled Abnormal Security to win three co-sell deals in the transportation, fashion, and financial services industries and are projected to result in three more deals. Through a private offer, Abnormal Security won a 25,000-seats deal with another customer in transportation/government. The simplicity and automation of the private offer process enabled Abnormal Security to close the deal in just 72 days, whereas it typically takes a vendor seven or eight months to complete procurement with the large government entity. In addition, Microsoft’s marketplace transaction fee reduction from 20 percent to 3 percent, combined with Abnormal Security sellers’ recommendations, is paving the way for more deals in FY22, with four customers leaning toward using the marketplace as their procurement vehicle.


“Marketplace Rewards and the personal service we received on our benefits have provided immeasurable value in raising Abnormal Security’s visibility and credibility with Microsoft sellers. We are receiving high-quality inbound opportunities, with Microsoft sellers proactively endorsing us. Combining Marketplace Rewards with Azure sponsorships and the private offers functionality in the Microsoft commercial marketplace, we are now closing deals of up to 25,000 seats.”

—Krishnan Badrinarayanan, VP Product Marketing, Abnormal Security

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