Hybrid Meetings & Rooms – Build Intent Workshop

Showcase the power of Microsoft Teams hybrid meeting and meeting room experiences that empower people to work from anywhere, at any time.

The Hybrid Meetings & Rooms Workshop includes a new modular design that enables you to have targeted conversations tailored to your customers’ specific business needs in the world of Hybrid Work. With the refreshed delivery framework, new product content, and immersive experiences, you can deliver a concise engagement in person or virtually. Deliverables include:

  • Evaluating current meetings and meeting rooms capabilities
  • The “Art of the Possible” for Hybrid Meetings & Rooms, a combination of presentations and immersive experiences demonstrating Microsoft Teams Meetings capabilities
  • Directions for transforming meetings and meeting rooms across your customer’s entire organization
  • Plan and deliver modern spaces to offer end-users and teams optimal meeting experiences across home offices, remote attendees, in-person meetings, and shared spaces
  • A customized report with actionable recommendations to ensure your customer’s organization can stay connected, collaborate seamlessly, and share information securely in a hybrid meetings environment

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Man in a meeting room working on his laptop Man in a meeting room working on his laptop

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