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Version 1 case study

Version 1 and Microsoft enable digital transformation at DAE Capital

Choosing the cloud as the best path forward

With its datacenter in need of an upgrade, aircraft leasing company DAE Capital decided moving to the cloud would be a good business strategy.

Moving an Oracle data estate to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft partner Version 1 migrated DAE Capital's Oracle workloads from its on-premises datacenter to Microsoft Azure.

Saving money and more with Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

With Azure PaaS, DAE Capital has reduced its Oracle footprint by nearly 50 percent, providing significant cost savings.

Version 1 has expertise across the Microsoft stack

Version 1 has worked in the Microsoft technology arena since 2006 and today is recognized as one of the most competent partners in the U.K. and Irish markets. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Version 1 offers broad and deep expertise across the Microsoft stack. Version 1's AzureStart eight-week implementation service, available in the Azure Marketplace, migrates two pilot Oracle workloads to Azure, providing a basis for wider migrations in the future.

DAE Capital is part of the Dubai Aerospace Enterprise group. A top-tier aircraft leasing partner, DAE Capital owns and manages approximately 350 aircraft, serves more than 100 customers across 55 countries, and has 140 employees across six office locations globally.

"We chose Version 1 as a partner for our cloud transformation journey because we have a relationship of over 10 years with them," said Fiona Taaffe, Chief Information Officer, DAE Capital. "They are our development and Oracle partner, and the skills and capabilities that they offer are second to none. When you embark on a cloud transformation journey, the capabilities and skills of your cloud transformation partner are critical to the success of the program."

DAE Capital’s migration to Azure

When deciding on a cloud provider, DAE Capital chose Azure for three reasons. DAE Capital was already heavily invested in Microsoft technologies, including Office 365 and SharePoint. DAE Capital also preferred the approach Microsoft takes to security and the fact Microsoft makes security features available to its customers. Finally, DAE Capital liked out-of-the-box features like FastTrack, which helps accelerate deployment and is available to all Microsoft 365 customers.

Version 1 undertook the complex migration of DAE Capital’s entire Oracle estate, including E-Business Suite Financials and Discoverer, from its on-premises datacenter to Azure. DAE Capital has users around the world utilizing these core financial systems every day in various time zones. The migration window was limited, so Version 1 delivered a phased migration process. Over the seven months of transition, DAE Capital experienced no unplanned downtime.

Version 1’s re-architecting of the on-premises solution, along with the introduction of Azure PaaS, has allowed DAE Capital to reduce its Oracle footprint by nearly 50 percent, providing significant cost savings. In addition, Version 1’s launch of a mobile application utilizing the Mobile Apps feature of Azure App Service has given DAE Capital employees access to business systems 24/7 anywhere across the globe.

“We’re utilizing cutting-edge services like Azure Active Directory B2C, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Functions, SQL, and Azure PaaS. We’re very excited about Microsoft Azure, what it gives us today, and, more importantly, what it enables us to do in the future.”

—Damien Cormican, Vice President of Business Systems, DAE Capital

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