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MoonDesk case study

MoonDesk Image Compare uses Azure Cognitive Services and Computer Vision to compare design files

Labeling errors affect the bottom line and the environment

Labeling errors can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars while delaying time to market and impacting the environment by requiring the printing of corrected labels.

Image Compare compares two design files in less than a minute

MoonDesk Image Compare on Microsoft Azure helps eliminate errors and streamlines the review process to avoid mistakes before sending label design files for printing.

Increase labeling accuracy and efficiency with Image Compare

Image Compare prevents errors during label reviews and significantly reduces the time it takes to compare labels while helping save money and reduce environmental impact.

Labeling errors cost time and money while increasing environmental impact

Based in Argentina and a member of Microsoft for Startups and the Microsoft Partner Program, MoonDesk is a team of designers and programmers with years of experience in graphic design in the food and beverage industry.

Errors in printed packaging labels can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. These costly errors can delay a product's time to market and increase an organization's carbon footprint and waste owing to the need for reprocessing and reprinting operations. The traditionally manual, letter-by-letter label review process is time-intensive, tedious, and open to human error.

After investing countless hours in its own manual operational tasks including data changes in label and packaging design files (for example, legal information, addresses, ingredients, and organoleptic characteristics) MoonDesk saw the need for a tool that would help perform review and comparison tasks quickly, simply, and accurately.

MoonDesk Image Compare on Azure accurately compares two label design files in under a minute

Built on Microsoft Azure, MoonDesk Image Compare uses Azure Serverless Functions and a host of other Azure services to accurately compare two label design files in less than one minute. Azure Computer Vision algorithms automatically align the images that need to be compared and analyze them for graphical differences. Additionally, Azure Cognitive Services is used to analyze the text (OCR) of the files to identify both textual differences and graphical differences. Image Compare also uses .NET and Visual Studio with Azure SQL, Blob Storage, and App Services to create a seamless integration of all technologies involved and provide an exceptional user experience.

"Image Compare by MoonDesk, an application that helps us validate the differences between packaging arts that may affect or involve a labeling error, is very useful because the costs that a packaging error can cause are very high," said Simón Vilches Llaña, Area Manager LATAM, MoonDesk. "It helps us to identify errors and differences in graphics and texts, which in the normal process is 100 percent ocular. We have to compare the master file with the reception of the physical output, and thus also control the result of the printing process when entering the production plant. Without a doubt, Image Compare provides a guarantee for the inspection and validation processes."

MoonDesk Image Compare on Azure Marketplace empowers users to quickly compare label designs and send error-free files for printing with confidence—helping organizations save time and money while reducing environmental impact.

“Image Compare is becoming a key tool for speeding up production processes in companies where speed to market without errors is critical. Thanks to the services that Azure offers us, we can guarantee the availability of the application worldwide, comply with the security regulations of the different markets, and execute complex processes efficiently at acceptable costs. All this with the backing of a large company like Microsoft.”

—Fabián Contigliani, Cofounder, Manager of Research and Development, MoonDesk

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