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Dynatrace case study: Marketplace Rewards

Dynatrace increases social engagements and page traffic with Microsoft

Microsoft partner hopes to expand marketplace profile

Microsoft partner Dynatrace wanted to reach more customers and emphasize the “better together” value of its solutions, which work with Microsoft products.

Microsoft Marketplace Rewards offers guidance and opportunity

Dynatrace took advantage of the Marketplace Rewards program from Microsoft, which helped Dynatrace connect with Microsoft sellers.

Promotion drives dozens of engagements and more

By executing marketing benefits with the Marketplace Rewards team, Dynatrace expanded its reach, resulting in a traffic boost and dozens of social engagements.

Dynatrace, a Microsoft partner simplifying cloud complexity

Dynatrace provides software intelligence to simplify enterprise cloud complexity and accelerate digital transformation. With artificial intelligence (AI) and complete automation, Dynatrace’s all-in-one platform provides answers, not just data, about the performance of applications, the underlying infrastructure, and the experience of all users. The company’s dynamic team of more than 2,000 people spans 50 offices around the world. That’s why many of the world’s largest enterprises trust Dynatrace to modernize and automate enterprise cloud operations, release better software faster, and deliver great digital experiences.

Dynatrace and Microsoft have been partners for four years. Dynatrace can monitor Microsoft Azure and all functions and services that sit on Azure. Dynatrace feeds app insight data into its AI engine, Davis, allowing a full view of the customer’s application stack. Dynatrace also has a Davis assistant add-on for Microsoft Teams.

Gathering steam with Marketplace Rewards benefits

The Marketplace Rewards program offers numerous sales, marketing, and technical benefits to partners. Dynatrace worked with Microsoft to promote its solution via social media, a webinar with Microsoft sellers, and a partner success story.

“Working with the Marketplace Rewards team has been a great experience for us,” said Franz Karlsberger, Head of Strategic Partners, Dynatrace. “We received valuable guidance and advice, and the team was always proactively engaged and highly motivated. The entire process was seamless, and the deliverables have been top quality. A real white-glove service experience from Microsoft.”

Microsoft featured Dynatrace in a tweet on its @Azure Twitter handle, which reaches more than 700,000 followers. Its impact was clear, racking up more than 27,000 impressions and sparking dozens of social engagements.

Dynatrace saw page visits double and overall marketplace engagement triple during promotion times for its webinar, “Beyond Azure Monitor: How Dynatrace Helps Large Scale Enterprise to Innovate Faster and Drive Automation.”

And by collaborating to publish a partner success story on the Microsoft partner site, Dynatrace exposed its solution to 300+ potential customers who viewed the story.

“The Marketplace Rewards team helped us sharpen our offer on the Azure Marketplace and reach a larger global audience. Overall page traffic doubled compared to periods before and after the engagement, showcasing a clear success.”

—Franz Karlsberger, Head of Strategic Partners, Dynatrace

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