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BizTechnologies case study

BizSight 365 on Microsoft Azure migrates coffee roaster’s data

Replacing long-outdated accounting software

Just Beans Coffee Co. wanted to update its accounting software. The company had used Microsoft Office Accounting (MOA), but MOA was discontinued in 2009.

A small-business solution hosted on Microsoft Azure

Just Beans Coffee Co. upgraded to BizSight 365 from BizTechnologies. BizSight 365 is hosted on Microsoft Azure and offers quick onboarding.

Reducing the learning curve with a familiar look and feel

Now Just Beans Coffee Co. can access its financial accounting from anywhere, with a user experience that provides familiarity and simplicity.

Creating software to help small and medium-size businesses

BizTechnologies has been a Microsoft partner for 18 years. The Lewis Center, Ohio-based company possesses a Dynamics competency and is pursuing a Cloud competency. For more than two decades, BizTechnologies has produced financial accounting, inventory, and manufacturing software for small and medium-size businesses. With passion, the company's employees solve business problems through software design and development.

BizSight 365 is BizTechnologies’s entry-level Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for accounting and manufacturing. It replaces MOA, which was intended for small businesses with fewer than 25 employees. The cloud edition of BizSight 365 is built with Azure SQL Database and Azure App Service. Azure SQL Database offers developers a fully managed database service with dynamic scaling, while Azure App Service enables users to quickly build, deploy, and scale web apps. BizTechnologies also utilizes Azure SQL Database elastic pools and Microsoft Entra ID. Using Azure services helps BizTechnologies keep BizSight 365 more affordable for its customers. BizSight 365 is available on a monthly subscription model through Microsoft AppSource.

A seamless migration and a smooth onboarding experience

Just Beans Coffee Co., based in Washington, Illinois, kept using MOA for years after the software was discontinued. In 2019, when the coffee roaster needed to buy a new computer running Windows 10, owner Bob Ulrich decided to drop MOA for BizSight 365.

“We continued running MOA until 2019, when we knew we had to purchase a new computer that was on a supported Windows 10 platform to keep our accounting and invoicing data intact,” Ulrich said.

Using the migration utility that’s included with BizSight 365, BizTechnologies seamlessly migrated Just Beans Coffee Co.’s history from MOA to the cloud edition of BizSight 365. Onboarding was then quick and painless, since the BizSight 365 user experience is designed to resemble MOA’s.

“BizSight 365 was an ideal replacement for MOA—easy transition, no learning curve, exactly what we needed,” Ulrich said. “We are happy to know that we are back on a solid Microsoft platform again with Microsoft Azure as the backbone.”

Just Beans Coffee Co. now has a dependable and affordable solution it can grow with: one that provides the secure connectivity, elastic scaling, and backup capabilities of Azure.

"Microsoft Azure and its built-in resources made developing BizSight 365 so much easier! We were able to use several Microsoft technologies as well as technical support. We are glad to be on this journey with Microsoft to make business easier for our customers!"

—Ranjit Charles, Vice President, BizTechnologies

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