Microsoft Security Immersion Workshop Secure Hybrid Cloud

Modificado por última vez 2022-01-21

The Secure Hybrid Cloud Immersion Workshop provides you with a comprehensive overview and hands-on experience of the Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Azure Network Security products.

Through this workshop you will learn and experience how to:

  • Assess and visualize the security state of your resources in Azure, on-premises, and in other clouds with Secure Score in Microsoft Defender for Cloud.
  • Simplify enterprise compliance and view your compliance against regulatory requirements
  • Use AI and automation to cut through false alarms, quickly identify threats, and streamline threat investigation.
  • Protect all your hybrid cloud workloads with Microsoft Defender for Cloud
  • Protect hybrid data that’s hosted in Azure, on premises, or in other clouds
  • Scan container images for vulnerabilities in Azure Container Registry. Protect Azure Kubernetes Service instances.
  • Safeguard Windows servers, clients and protect Linux servers. Assess vulnerabilities in VMs
  • Monitor the security state of your hybrid cloud workloads via one console. Use Azure Arc to extend coverage to workloads outside Azure.
  • Protect and stop attacks against your network using the Azure network Security solutions.